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Escape Velocity Destiny 2 Legendary Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re someone who’s trying to find something to do before the Guardian Games in Destiny 2, why not head back to the good, old-fashioned days of weapon hunting in the galaxy? Why not pick up this Legendary weapon while you’re waiting? We have a guide on the Escape Velocity Destiny 2 weapon.

Escape Velocity Destiny 2 Legendary Guide

If you’re looking for the Escape Velocity Destiny 2 legendary weapon, then we can help you get started. The Escape Velocity is a submachine gun, and its tagline is ‘The first step toward truth is to let go of all that we know and hold dear.” The weapon benefits from what’s referred to as Grave Robber. Essentially, it’s to your benefit to get up close and personal when you’re using this because melee kills will reload a portion of your ammo since this is a Primary weapon. If you’ve got this weapon in your hands, then you’re also going to move a little bit quicker thanks to Lightweight Frame.

If you’re someone who’s chasing the Escape Velocity right now in Destiny 2, quite a ways after its introduction, we reckon that the easiest way is for you to crack through a Seraph bunker quest that rewards you with random gear. You can try on the EDZ Seraph bunker for size, and essentially crack through the repeatables this season that are available to you to give you gear. You’ll be able to get a whole host of things from quests to do with Seraph bunkers, including the acquisition of Legendary weapons just like the Escape Velocity.

Now that you have our tips and advice on how to get the Escape Velocity Destiny 2 Legendary weapon, you too can count yourself as a proud owner of a cool-looking submachine gun. If you don’t yet own Destiny 2 and you’re getting a bit nostalgic for the days of shooting things in the head in space after a premier Destiny experience, why not pick it up using this Amazon link here and support Prima Games at the same time?

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