Act 1 Prologue

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Act 1 Prologue

Situation Overview

First Minister Jinn has gathered a crowd of thousands in New Ephyra to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the end of the Locust War. As she recalls the triumphs and tragedies of the many battles leading up to the final annihilation of the Locust, you are thrust back onto the battlefield to act out those moments. This three-part Prologue reenacts battles at Aspho Point, the House of Sovereigns, and Anvil Gate. These brief scenes aren’t just to refresh your memory about the COG’s prior struggles, but also serve as a tutorial for newcomers and those who may have been away from Sera for a while.


UIR Security Report


UIR Anti-COG Pamphlet

Jacinto Herald


Bernie’s Last Will and Testament


Aspho Fields

Objective: Destroy the UIR Comm Tower

Eliminate the two on the walkway first, then go after the ones down low.

Together with two other similarly nameless privates, you must make your way to the UIR comm tower located at the end of the canyon. Dominic Santiago is in charge, a voice longtime Gears fans will be happy to hear, if only briefly. R.I.P., Dom.

Sprint up the beach with your squad and slide into cover at the first sign of the Indie soldiers. Use your equipped Retro Lancer to take out the soldiers on the upper walkway. The Retro Lancer has a hell of a kick, so fire in short bursts and aim lower on the torso than you might otherwise. Kill the two Indies on the ground and swap out your Retro Lancer for the semi-automatic Markza Mk1 rifle.

Flanking the enemy and targeting explosive barrels is a surefire way to gain the advantage.

Advance to the next enemy strongpoint and take cover behind the barriers. Dom will command you to flank the enemy. Vault the log on the right and make your way up the narrow canyon to get the drop on the enemy. Fire two quick shots at the explosive barrel on the walkway to eliminate the enemies nearest it. Drop down, collect the ammo, and advance to the comm tower around the corner.

Objective: Enter the Weapons Facility

Colonel Hoffman is going to regroup with Santiago’s squad at the weapons lab. In order to meet him there, you must first get past the enemy stronghold up ahead. Dom’s going to head to the right with another private. You make your way up the path on the left.

Ignore the incoming mortars and turret fire. Slide from cover to cover, and roadie run along the left-hand edge of the area to avoid the most incoming fire. Sprint up the steps, grab a Frag Grenade from the container if you need any, and lob one through the window to take out the turret. The explosion will also buckle the door, giving you something to grab hold of. Yank the door open and cut through the bunker to join the others.

Frag Grenades are always a great option for quieting a turret when you don’t have a Longshot handy.

Interact with the keypad beside the door to open the facility gates. Stock up on ammo and weapons before leaving, as the UIR has a full accompaniment of defenses waiting for you inside. You may want to stick with the Markza Mk1, since a precision weapon comes in handy. Don’t miss the extra Frag Grenades.

Objective: Override the Lab Security Door

Slide into cover to the left of Dom and the others so you can get an angle on the few enemies here. Reinforcements emerge from the heavy gate off to the right—take them out with the Markza Mk1 before they can close on your squad. Be ready to use the Gnasher should any Indies try to charge your position along the left-hand side.

Sprint up the stairs and move into cover on the right, as far away from the turret as you can get. Snipe the gunner manning the turret while he’s aiming at Hoffman and his squad off to the left.

Advance along the columns on the right side of the yard, keeping close tabs on the turret. Snipe any Indie soldier who dares to make a move for the big gun. Advance along the columns on the right side of the yard, keeping close tabs on the turret. Snipe any Indie soldier who dares to make a move for the big gun.

It’s always safer to snipe a turret gunner from the side. Never attack a turret head-on!

It’s up to you and the others to defend the lab entrance while Dom and Hoffman go inside to search for the weapon plans. Man the turret and open fire on the UIR soldiers marching your way from the left. Wait for them to pass under the upper walkway, then open fire on the explosive barrel near the support column. This brings down the whole platform, crushing those under it.

The environments are much more destructible 25 years into the future. Never be afraid to experiment with explosives.

The next wave of UIR soldiers originates on the right. Continue to use the turret in short bursts to pick them off as they get close. Sweep back to the left to make sure none of the many Indies on that side are getting too close. Remember how easily you sniped the turret gunner when he was facing the right? Learn from your enemy’s mistake. Pan back and forth to ensure nobody gets too close.

Hoffman and Dom make it back with the plans just as a mortar attack is launched. Take off running to the right and don’t stop. Do your best to avoid the incoming mortars by swerving as you roadie run. Follow the others to the evac point located on the beach.

Roadie run after Dom and the others as fast as you can.

House of Sovereigns

Objective: Pick up the Hammer of Dawn

Two years after securing the Hammer of Dawn plans, the world was changed forever. Emergence Day. Corporal Kim led a squad of Gears to escort Colonel Hoffman’s convoy at the House of Sovereigns in attempt to hold off the Locust. You are one of those escorts.

Grab the Gnasher and head out into the street after the convoy. A number of Locust Wretches are headed your way. Stand tall, a couple paces behind cover, and blast them with the shotgun as they leap over the fallen columns. Drop into cover once the Wretches have been eliminated and use the Retro Lancer to take out the Drones.

Popping Locust heads—just like old times!

Corporal Kim’s attempt to assist the Colonel is interrupted by the appearance of a massive Locust known as the Corpser. This creature is immune to your bullets; the only way to harm it is with the Hammer of Dawn. Lucky for you, Lieutenant Anya Stroud knows of one nearby.

Ignore the Corpser and other Locust and sprint straight for the burning van at the far end of the House of Sovereign’s front stairs. Swap out the Gnasher for the Hammer of Dawn and retreat to cover atop the stairs. Take aim at the Corpser and hold the trigger so the satellite can lock the targeting reticle’s position. Continue holding the trigger until the Hammer of Dawn’s orbital strike is depleted. Affix the target again, anywhere on the Corpser.

It will take two full-length blasts with the Hammer of Dawn to kill a Corpser on Normal difficulty.

Grab the Frag Grenades behind the planter and locate the Boomshot near the corpse on the left. Take cover behind a planter and let your fellow COGs pick off the lesser Locust enemies while you await the heavies. Lob some Frag Grenades at any Drones that get too close, then use the Hammer of Dawn on the Corpser when it returns. This is the same Corpser, it’s just not dead yet. This clears the way for Hoffman.

Kim and the other officers head inside, leaving you to defend the stairs. Additional ammo has appeared, along with a Mulcher. Look around the fountain for additional weapons if you need them, then take cover atop the stairs, behind a planter.

Objective: Defend the House of Sovereigns

The Boomshot fires an arcing rocket-propelled grenade, so aim a little high when targeting distant foes.

Mount the Mulcher atop the central planter and take aim at the Locust as they appear. Four Boomers and several Drones are going to march across the street straight toward you. Focus your firepower on the Boomers and drop back behind cover whenever one of them fires. Grab your Boomshot and aim for the big-bodied Boomers. The Hammer of Dawn is a little tricky to use against moving targets, but its splash damage makes up for the slow target acquisition.

Use the Mulcher to mop up any remaining Locust, then switch back to the Hammer of Dawn as a flying Locust known as a Reaver lands near the security booth. Kill it with the Hammer of Dawn, drop back behind cover, and ready yourself for another Reaver attack. Kill it as quickly as you can, else it will fire its deadly rockets.

Additional Reavers appear, the Hammer of Dawn goes offline, and a blue flash fills the sky. First Minister Jinn thanks you for your service.

Anvil Gate

Objective: Get to the Top of the Wall

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, in the moments after Delta Squad departed the fort, the COG were on their heels at Anvil Gate. But you and the remaining COG rallied around Bernadette and made a stand. Get to your feet and revive the fallen COG soldier nearby. But don’t go climbing the ladders just yet!

Climb the ladder to meet up with Bernie and chainsaw the debris on the left as instructed. Immediately open fire on the two Drones having their way with the other COG atop the wall. Shoot the one, then chainsaw the other. There’s a Boomshot, ammo, and Frag Grenades atop the wall, but don’t use any of that just yet. Take cover near the edge of the wall and use the Lancer to shoot the Locust horde marching across the field below. Target the fuel drums located on the field to eliminate as many Drones and Boomers as you can, but fret not, since you can’t keep them from scaling the wall.

Keep your head down and use the Lancer and the explosive barrels to take out as many Locust as you can.

Equip the Boomshot to the right of the walkway, then cover-swap to the left. This gives you a good angle on the Drones that have scaled the wall. Lob a Frag Grenade at those nearest your position, then use the Boomshot to clear a path to the turret at the other end of the walkway. Take your time, as there isn’t a rush for this. Use cover and the available weaponry to eliminate the Locust, then cross when it’s clear.

The turret is a magnet for enemy fire, so be sure to duck back into cover if the damage indicator turns bright red.
Co-Op Tactics

There might only be one turret to use, but that doesn’t mean you have to fight over the heavy firepower. There’s often a Mulcher nearby wherever a turret is located. Have one player take control of the turret while the other uses the Mulcher for similar effect. The Mulcher doesn’t have unlimited ammo, but it certainly gets the job done.

Continue fighting as long as you can (making staying alive the top priority) so that the so-called “Gears of old” can release the imulsion countermeasure and put the Locust back underground, once and for all.

And 25 years later, our story continues…