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How to Use PSVR on Xbox One and Wii U

by Bryan Dawson

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset bundle is now available in retail stores across the world, but what many people do not know is that you can use PSVR with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U. There is a small catch, but the headset does work on both current generation consoles. It doesn’t even require much to make the headset work.

If you’ve just picked up a PSVR bundle, be sure to check out how to set up your new toy to make sure everything is connected corrected. You’ll need to have the PSVR connected to your PlayStation 4 if you wish to adjust the virtual screen size of the display once you have it up and running on the Xbox One or Wii U. It’s a small hassle, but once you have the screen size adjusted how you want it, you won’t have to make the adjustment again.

Connect PSVR to Xbox One or Wii U

Connecting your PSVR headset to the Xbox One or Wii U is a fairly simple matter. All you need to do is slide back the cover on the PSVR Processor Unit to reveal the connection ports, then connect an HDMI cable from the port on the Processor Unit marked “HDMI PS4” to the HDMI port on your Xbox One or Wii U that would normally run to your TV.

Once again, if the screen size is not to your liking, you will need to adjust it in the PlayStation 4 settings. This means you need to hook your PSVR back up to your PlayStation 4, change the screen size settings, then plug it back into the Xbox One or Wii U. Of course, you can’t use the PSVR to play virtual reality games on your Xbox One or Wii U. The headset simply serves as a monitor.

While it can be cool to have your own personal monitor while playing Xbox One or Wii U, the 3D audio and head tracking will not function and the sides of the screen won’t be quite as clear as the center of the screen. This is all mainly due to the fact that you’re not playing VR games on the device, and there’s no PlayStation Camera hooked up for head tracking and similar features. It’s still interesting and fun to try out though.

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