Like previous titles in the series, there are a ton of collectibles hidden throughout the campaign in Gears of War 4. These items include pamphlets, COG Tags, newspapers, and more small items that you can find throughout the game. All of these items work together to tell smaller stories within the universe, and they are a reminder of the struggles that the Gears of War cast have faced before. In this article we’ll be breaking down each and every Gears of War 4 collectible, it’s location, as well as how to get the Pack Rat and Collector achievements.

For ease of use we have broken this guide down into sections, beginning with the Prologue. In each section you’ll be able to see clear instructions for each collectible, and we’ll walk you through collecting them all. This guide is a constant work in progress, and we’ll be adding more details and items as we find them throughout the game. There are 50 collectibles in all, so we’ve numbered them based on when you find them.


Prologue Collectibles

There is a total of 7 collectibles hidden throughout the game’s Prologue. We’ve included information on each one below, based on how you will find them throughout the chapter.

1 - UIR Security Report

This collectible can be found just after you toss the grenade into the bunker to blow up the turret. Head through the busted door, and out the other side to spot another bunker across the way. Move into this bunker and look on the table to grab this collectible.


To find this COG Tag, head out of the bunker across from the one that you destroyed, and then continue out of it, back into the area that you just fought through. Look for the two-high stack of concrete blocks on your left. If you move around this item, and look back at the bunker, you should spot a COG soldier’s corpse. The COG Tag is right beside him.

3 - UIR Anti-COG Pamphlet

Continue through the Prologue until you reach the weapons cache. Reload your weapons, and then head through the door into the next area. If you look to the right when at the barricades, you will spot this collectible hanging on the wall like a poster.

4 – Jacinto Herald

This stack of newspapers can be found after the Prologue transitions to the streets, and you’re tasked with getting the Hammer of Dawn from the van up the road. Don’t grab it just yet, instead, locate the booth on the side of the road (several enemies will be taking cover near it), and head inside to find this collectible on the desk, waiting to be claimed.


After Kim and Hoffman head into the building, and you are left to defend the courtyard, head up the steps and to the right to find a COG soldier’s corpse resting against the low garden wall. You can grab this COG Tag right beside the corpse.

After collecting five items you will receive the Collector achievement.

6 – Bernie’s Last Will and Testament

Continue through the Prologue until you change perspectives again. At this point you’ll be tasked with reviving an ally, and then making your way to the top of the wall. Don’t run there just yet. Instead, look around the room to spot a desk on the right side. This collectible can be found resting on the top of the desk.


The final collectible in the Prologue is a set of COG Tags that can be found just before you climb up the ladder beside the tank. Look for the almost burn out fire, and then look on the ground to spot this collectible resting on the ground.

Chapter 1 Collectibles

The first official chapter of the game has a total of 5 items that players can find and collect.

8 – Rubble Reclamation Manifest

After you shoot the barricade to open up the gate, when you’re trying to find cover from the Windflare, look to your right, and turn your back to the wind. You should spot this collectible resting on the ground in front of some boxes.

9 – DeeBee Protection Pamphlet

The second collectible of this chapter can be found just after you spot the large builder robot, while infiltrating the construction site. Look into the back left-hand corner of the room to spot this collectible resting on a crate.

10 – Settlement 5 Resident Assignment List

To find this collectible, continue through the chapter until you enter the second ring. Now look for the building on the right. Head inside it to spot this collectible item on one of the shelves along the wall.

Collecting a total of 10 collectibles will reward you with the PackRat achievement.

11 – COG Birthing Pamphlet

This collectible can be found hanging on the wall when you’re making your way through the maternity annex. After you look out the window and into the construction hub, look on the wall nearby to spot it.

12 – Windflare Lockdown Procedure

The final collectible of this chapter can be spotted on a column at the top of the stairs just after the last DeeBee attack. This takes place in the area just outside the maternity annex. Grab this collectible before using the keypad to open the maintenance door to the Construction Hub.

Chapter 2 Collectibles

There is only 1 collectible to be found throughout this entire chapter of the game.

13 – DeeBee Schematics

The first and final collectible in this chapter can be found in the same room where you get the Fabricator, inside the Construction Hub. Look for the slight green glow on a monitor located on the left-hand side of the room. Interact with it to claim this collectible.

Chapter 3 Collectibles

The third chapter of the first act only has 1 collectible for players to find.

14 – DeeBee Safety Notice

You’ll need to continue through the chapter until you reach the courtyard where you are introduced to the Tri-Shot, a new turret style weapon in Gears of War 4. After you have found the weapon, look around the courtyard after you finish off the enemies, and you should be able to spot this collectible resting on the right-hand side of a bench in the back corner.

Chapter 4 Collectibles

Players can find a total of 3 items to collect throughout the fourth and final chapter of Act 1.

15 – Village Mare Breeding Record

Head down the steps on the right-hand side of the Town Hall, and loop around the perimeter past the farm area to find this collectible on the ground in front of a stack of firewood.

16 – Village Windflare Lockdown Procedure

When in front of Town Hall, face your back towards the village entrance and spot the hanging rope and shovel. Now look on the wall to the left of the door and the Fabricator that you retrieved in Chapter 3, and you should spot this collectible hanging on the wall like a poster.

17 – Book Inscribed to Kait

Make your way all the way across the village away from Town Hall to find this collectible resting between a barrel and a chair near an apple tree.


Chapter 1 Collectibles

There is a total of 3 collectible items in the first chapter of Act 2.

18 – Anya’s Favorite Flower

The first collectible of the act can be found by entering the gated cemetery to the right of the cottage near the start of Chapter 1. You’ll need to interact with JD’s mother’s grave in the garden. Once you’ve done that, head out of the cemetery to find a flower in the pot next to the gate. This collectible will only spawn if you entered the graveyard and paid your respects.

19 – JD’s Sixth-Birthday Present from his Uncle Cole

Once you leap out the window, don’t follow Marcus and your pals just yet. Instead, turn to the right and follow the fence behind the garage to find this collectible item in the weeds.

20 – COG Military Acceptance Letter

After you enter the manor, search the lower-level room to find a mirror and two bookshelves. This collectible can be found on the nearby dresser. Make sure to grab it before continuing into the Armory.

Chapter 2 Collectibles

The second chapter of Act 2 has a grand total of 3 collectibles available to find.

21 – Photo of JD and Anya

After dealing with the chopper, look in the room next to the Armory. You should spot a bunch of old, covered furniture and a closed up fireplace. This collectible can be grabbed off the floor in front of the old fireplace.

22 – House Plans

Down in the basement, after taking out the DeeBees, you’ll come into a room where Marcus will open up a secret passage. Look for this collectible on the workbench in that same room.

23 – Old Bottle of Wine

Located just off to the left of the wreckage, this collectible can be found after the DeeBee condor crashing into the barrel shed on you way to the barn.

Chapter 3 Collectibles

There are only two collectibles to be found throughout the third chapter of Act 2.

24 – The New Ephyran

To find this collectible you’ll need to choose the left-hand path when you come to the path junction in Chapter 3. Continue through the path until you spot a pickup truck. This collectible can be found in the back of the truck, near the fence in the far left-hand corner of the path.

25 – JD’s Old Toy Figurine

The final collectible of this act can only be found by following the right-hand path when you come to the path junction in Chapter 3. Choose to go right, and then immediately look to the left of the tractor at the start of the path to find this collectible resting on the ground.

Chapter 4 Collectibles

There are no collectibles in Act 2’s fourth and final chapter.

We’ll be updating this guide constantly with new collectibles, and images, so be sure to check back daily for updates and new information. Gears of War 4 is now available on PC and Xbox One, and is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere collection. If you followed our guide, you should have found all 50 collectibles hidden throughout the game’s campaign, as well as acquired the Collector and Pack Rat achievements for your GamerScore.