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Vampire Survivors Patch v0.9.105 Patch Notes

We are SO close to v1.0, it seems!

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors 0.9.0 version is coming out in a matter of days (ETA July 21, 2022), and as always, we at Prima Games are doing our best to keep readers up to date with what’s new in the game. For now, we’ll work with what’s been officially released (we’re still waiting for a video teaser).

Vampire Survivors v0.9.0 Patch Notes

Here are the Official Patch Notes and our current commentary on them, which will be updated as new information comes out:

Contains four new achievements:

  • New Challenge stage
  • 2 new Arcanas

We think that Achievements could be related to Arcanas (two of them) and to the new character described below (one for reaching Level 99, and one for surviving for 31 minutes, as usual?). When it comes to Arcanas, there are FIVE Arcana Slots available right now: I, II, IX, XIII, XXI.

The Challenge Stage is a mystery, though. So far, we’ve had two Challenge Stages (Green Acres and The Bone Zone) which you unlock by unlocking Hyper Mode for two stages. It is logical to assume that the new Challenge Stage will require players to unlock Hyper Mode for four stages. Who knows what the next Challenge Stage will bring?

Update: We were somewhat right. Two achievements are indeed bound to the two new Arcanas, and both of them require you to reach Level 99 with two different characters. How to Unlock Arcana I – Gemini and Arcana II – Twilight Requiem in Vampire Survivors .

The other two Achievements are to Unlock the Boss Rash, and to survive 15 minutes in it. How to Unlock and Beat Boss Rash in Vampire Survivors.

Extra Content in v0.9.0 Vampire Survivors

  • 1 new character… I’m hearing three, but trust me, it’s just one

What could this possibly be? A person on the Steam forums presumed that it could be three kobolds in a trenchcoat, which would indeed be hilarious, but we expect something different from the developer. Maybe a shapeshifter? Maybe some whack trio that will serve as an homage to another video game?

It’s safe to assume that the new character won’t be a secret (although a secret character could be added without it being mentioned in the patch notes) and that it might have something to do with the new Challenge stage. We’ll find out in a matter of days.

Update: The new Character is called Gyorunton, and due to time constraints and the complexity of the situation, developers have opted to not put this into the achievements. How to Unlock Gyorunton, the New Character in Vampire Survivors.

Tweaks in v0.9.0

  • Added a new music track when opening the Bestiary (can also be used as a standard in-game track)
  • Moved to save data folder on Windows to a safer location to avoid Cloud conflicts and issues on Steam Deck.
    The save files will now be in %APPDATA%/Vampire_Survivors_Data.

– Added a cap to Duration to Limit Broken weapons
– Results screen now shows damage from special Arcanas

Great fix, bless the developers! Nobody wants to have errors on their save file or even worse, lose it completely.

Bugfixes in v0.9.0

  • Recovery numbers bringing the game to a halt with limited broken weapons

Bugfixes from 0.8.270

  • Having only Pentagram when limit breaking won’t display a blank menu anymore
  • Limit broken Gorgeous Moon is now affected by Amount
  • Prevented Pentagram and Gorgeous Moon to flash too quickly when leveled up rapidly
  • Made it easier to see the relic at the end of Stage 5
  • Fixed some typos in Limit Breaks
  • Defeating the reaper before 31:00 counts as surviving 31 minutes

Update for 0.9.105

  • Option to hide damage numbers also affects recovery numbers
  • Some projectiles stand still when there are no enemies
  • Vento Sacro and Fuwalafuwaloo stop firing after getting a Duration bonus via Limit Break
  • Various bug fixes, thanks to everyone for reporting bugs!
  • Boss Rash: Drowner spawns outside the arena and closer to the center of the screen
  • Boss Rash: added new pizza effects

That’s it for the current v0.9.105 Vampire Survivors Patch notes. As promised, we’ll stay on top of new information and will update this article as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more Vampire Survivors news and tips by visiting (and bookmarking) the game tag below.

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