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Zombie Gunship Survival – How to Upgrade Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

f you want to take down the endless zombie hordes in Zombie Gunship Survival you’re going to need to upgrade more than just your base and its buildings. In fact, your weapons—on both your gunship and your soldiers—are going to need to be upgraded, swapped out, and even fused if you want to become more powerful. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to upgrade weapons in Zombie Gunship Survival.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading weapons is a major point within Zombie Gunship Survival, and going through the process is actually quite simple. First, complete any missions you have underway, and then return to your base. From here, locate your Hangar and then click on the Workshop icon along the bottom bar.

This will bring you to a screen that showcases all of the weapons and guns that you currently have available for your gunship and your soldiers. Now, click on the weapon that you want to upgrade, and it will open up a new screen.

Here you should see the various stats associated with the weapon that you highlighted. For instance, when looking at our CAN 30, we can see that it has 652 base power, has a rarity level of Common, and has a base damage of 261 points. You can also see the blast radius of the weapon, as well as the reload time and the clip size associated with it.

This menu gives you access to three different options. The first option is to equip the weapon. Click this if you want to equip the weapon on your gunship or soldiers. The second option is to Scrap that particular gun. Scrapping a weapon is useful if you have duplicates, and would like to earn some additional Screws, which are used to upgrade your other weapons.

The final option that you have on this screen is Boost. Click this will allow you to choose the level of upgrades that you want to give the weapon you have highlighted. Some things to remember when upgrading weapons: upgrades cost both Metal and Screws. You can earn more Metal and Screws by completing missions and Objectives.

When upgrading your weapons you can see how the upgrade will change the stats of the gun in the right-hand portion of your screen. For example, by boosting our level 1 Can 30 to the first notch on the boost line, we will raise our base damage from 261 to 268.73, making our weapon a little more powerful.

Now that you know how to upgrade weapons and guns, be sure to head back over and check out our Zombie Gunship Survival tips and tricks, which will help you get ahead of the curve and fend off the undead legions baring down on your base.