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Wuthering Waves Photo Mode Screenshots Location on PC

I need pictures of Wuthering Waves on my desk!

Wuthering Waves has a basic photo mode that lets you take pictures of your characters in a few different poses. You can also mess around with the depth of field, but it’s very simple in its current state. If you want to access your photos, here is the Wuthering Waves photo mode screenshots location on your PC.

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Wuthering Waves Photo Mode Screenshots Location

You can access the photos you’ve taken in Wuthering Waves at the following location in the main installation folder.

Wuthering Waves\Wuthering Waves Game\Client\Saved\ScreenShot

The ScreenShot folder contains all the screenshots you’ve taken with the photo mode. One disappointing thing about the screenshots is that the resolution is only 720p regardless of the resolution you’ve selected in the settings.

How to Use Photo Mode in Wuthering Waves

To use the photo mode in Wuthering Waves, open the main in-game menu, and select the camera icon in the bottom right.

With photo mode active, you can adjust the zoom level, move the camera around, force the character to look towards the camera, adjust the depth of field, and finally, their current pose.

When you’re satisfied with the composition, you can press F on your keyboard, or A/X on your controller.

After that, you’ll see a preview of the photo, which you can then save by clicking on the save icon at the bottom. You can choose to hide your profile details, which normally appear at the bottom right.

While it’s neat that the developers have added a photo mode, it’s very basic in its current state. There aren’t any filters to apply or any post-processing effects to adjust outside of the depth of field setting. We’re hopeful that upcoming updates will add more features to the photo mode so players can take better pictures of their characters.

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