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How to Get a Free Five-Star Resonator in Wuthering Waves

Free stuff, best stuff.

There’s nothing better than getting your first five-star character in any gacha game. But it can cost a fortune to pull in gacha banners. Fortunately enough, Wuthering Waves has an event going on that can earn you your first five-star Resonator without spending any real money, and here’s how to make it happen.

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How to Obtain Your First Five-Star Character Without Spending Money in Wuthering Waves

To obtain your first five-star character without paying a single cent, you’ll need to open the Convene menu, which is basically the gacha rolling feature in Wuthering Waves. Once opened, you’ll notice a bunch of different gacha banners, but for this process, you need to click on the first one at the top titled Utterance of Marvels.

This promotional starter banner is where you’ll be able to obtain your first five-star character for free, only using resources you received from events and gameplay rewards. For this to work, you’ll need exactly 40 Lustrous Tides.

Don’t worry about farming Lustrous Tides at the moment. Wuthering Waves’ launch has introduced a ton of events that reward players with a bunch of goodies, and there’s no doubt that you’ll receive just enough Lustrous Tides within a day or two of playing the game. The game is very generous at the moment so you shouldn’t struggle to find Lustrous Tides at all.

Once you’ve prepared 40 Lustrous Tides, all you really need to do is pull in the banner until you’ve rolled 50 times and the game will automatically give you a five-star character. The game will randomly give you one five-star character between Encore, Jianxin, Lingyang, Verina, and Calcharo. And that’s it! You officially have your first five-star character without the need to spend any money to obtain it.

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