Where to Get the Ice Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Put your enemies on ice

There are certain moves that Trainers have incorporated into their Pokemon’s move sets since the very beginning. Back when towns were named after colors and there was only one family of dragon Pokemon. Moves that remained consistent workhorses, providing enough power to take down an enemy, with the added benefit of having enough PP to see you through a long, Pokecenter-less journey, and maybe a chance to cause a status effect to boot.

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Trainers know their names well: Flamethrower, Thunder Bolt, Psybeam, Ice Beam. These moves have conquered generations worth of Gyms and Elite 4 assessments, and that doesn’t have to change in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But with Paldean shops stubbornly refusing to sell TMs to you in a straightforward manner, you may have found yourself without this ice attack for longer than you can bare.

Where to Get the Ice Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Fortunately, there are a few methods to getting this TM into your arsenal.

The first option is to complete the Starfall Street quest line. The Starfall Street quest line sets you on the path to beating 5 crews of specialty trainers, scattered across Paldea. The trainer you’ll have to beat depends on what order you defeat them. But once you beat down the boss, you’ll be visited by support staff, Penny, and be granted LP as well as a new catalog of TMs you can craft. Thus, you should check the Pokemon Center’s Technical Machine Crafter after each boss.

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If that sounds a little too tedious (And slow) for you, there’s another option. You can find Ice Beam in the overworld, though you’ll need to defeat the False Dragon titan and obtain the ability to climb walls to reach it. Head over to East Province Area One. Go towards the crater and climb upwards, until you reach a flat, large plateau of grass. Here, at the center, will Ice Beam. Here’s a helpful screenshot of the area below.

Good luck putting those enemies on ice, Trainer!

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