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Where to Find the Close Combat TM Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Slap 'em so hard you take recoil damage

by Daphne Fama

Want to smack your Pokemon’s opponent so hard the psychological damage will lower their defense and special defense for the rest of the battle? Do you want to do it with 100% accuracy and show that you don’t even care if your Pokemon gets a little scuffed? Like you’re so confident, it doesn’t even matter?

Then the TM Close Combat is for you. This hard-hitting move has 120 Base Power, is Fighting Type, and Physical. And for many trainers, it’s one of the battle-enders in their Pokemon’s move sets. But it’s possible you’ve progressed through a significant portion of the Paldea Region and still haven’t found it.

Where to Find the Close Combat TM Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Unfortunately, Close Combat has only been discovered in one location, and it’s likely that you won’t stumble across it until late into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s story. You’ll need to progress through the Starfall Street Quest line until you make it to North Province Area Two. Here, tucked amongst the cliffs, is Team Star’s Fighting crew, a base led and protected by the damsel of destruction, Eri.

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Eri, as you might have guessed, specializes in fighting type Pokemon and she’s no slouch. But if you can topple her base and her vanguard of Pokemon, she’ll concede to your might and step down. She’ll gift you her boss badge but, more importantly for us, she’ll also gift you TM 167 Close Combat.

Close Combat will then be craftable at the Pokemon Center, though you’ll need 12,000 LP, 5 Riolu Fur, 3 Crawbrawler Shell, 3 and Makuhita Sweat. A disgusting (and fairly rare) concoction. But well worth it to get such a powerful move on your side.

Good luck finding that technical machine, trainer!

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