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Where to Find Slakoth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Slakoth shouldn't be this hard to find

by Daphne Fama

The Paldea Region is full of a lush array of life from all generations. It’s very likely that your favorite Pokemon is among them, and that you’ve been able to find it in the diverse biomes that speckle the country. But as you go through and fill out your Pokedex, you might realize that there’s one book conspicuously missing – Slakoth.

And that’s a little wild, considering Vigoroth is so easy to find. Vigoroth can be found in the South, West, and North. And they just trudge around, shaking their little scarlet hair fluff at you.

But where in the world is Slakoth?

Where to Find Slakoth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You’re not the first to ask this question and you’ll be far from the last. Slakoth, unlike Vigoroth, seems to be a rare spawn. And not only is it a rare spawn, it’s very specific in where it spawns at all.

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Slakoth can be found across the South Province, in Area One, Three, and Five. But it’s likely that you haven’t seen it while crossing any of these areas. That’s because Slakoth only spawns in trees. But unlike most tree-loving Pokemon, it doesn’t cling to its trunk, nor does it hang upside down on its branches. It lies on top of the branch. And with Pokemon’s less than stellar graphics, it can be all too easy to miss the few pixels of Slakoth that you can see from below.

One fast way to determine whether Slakoth is actually in the tree is to zoom in and see if a name pops up. If so, it’s there. But it might also be a Mankey.

Unfortunately, once you’ve actually managed to pin down this rare sloth, you can’t just throw a Pokeball at it and start the battle. You’ll have to get onto your motorcycle legendary and ram the tree, causing the Slakoth to fall from its branches. From there, the Slakoth will be stunned for a few moments, which is good, because it will try to flee if you dawdle.

Good luck finding that Slakoth, trainer!