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Where to Find Carrots in Genshin Impact

And we can't make juice yet

by Patrick Souza
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Just like other cooking materials in Genshin Impact, Carrots are required for a lot of the recipes available. And when we talk about a game with over 100 different dishes, it wouldn’t be hard to see yourself running out of resources when attempting to cook’em all. Or at least getting the associated achievements.

Carrots are somewhat scarce in the game, but you can reliably get a lot of them by going into the right places. And here’s where we’ll talk about them.

How to Get Carrots in Genshin Impact

This won’t be the hardest of the tasks, but you might need to do some walking if you’re looking for those good sources of vitamin C.

1: Buying

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You can do as any normal person would and get them in nearby shops. The problem is that most General Goods shops won’t sell you Carrots for some reason, and you can only find them in Wanmin Restaurant, the one from Xiangling’s family. You can buy 10 of them each 3 days.

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2: Expeditions

The best way to use Expeditions is to get items that you won’t normally find in your Genshin routine. If you don’t feel like chasing carrots, sending your characters for them is your best bet. You can deploy them to Mondstadt, Liyue, and Sumeru for completing this task.

3: Exploring

This is an adventure game, so go get some adventures! Carrots are all around the map, and we gathered some of their locations for you. They’re usually paired with Radishes, so you get the best of both when going for them.

Carrots are native to Mondstadt, so you’ll most likely find them around this region. There are many of them scattered around Wolvendom.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

You can also get them from the farmers residing near Dawn Winery and Springvale. Finders, keepers.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Stormterror’s Lair has some of them hidden near the edge, but don’t ask me who’s planting these ones.

Where to find Carrots Stormterror
Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

And finally, we have a batch of them at the top of Mondstadt, near Stormbearer Mountains.

Where to find Carrots Stormbearer Mountains
Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

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Liyue has also a few of them near some Radishes near the Wangshu Inn, so go and get those.

Where to find Carrots Liyue
Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

4: Gardening

While gathering Carrots from the aforementioned places, make sure you’re equipping the Seed Dispensary to get some seeds as an extra. You can plant them in your Teapot as long as you have placed Jade Field soils, with up to 8 slots for Carrots. You can also buy seeds from Tubby.

5: Investigation Spots

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Those shiny spaces will sometimes give you some Carrots if you know where to get them. There are numerous of those around Teyvat, and you’ll usually find Carrots around fruit stands or near farms. Make sure to always check those when searching for treasures around.

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