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Are Childe Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

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by Jordan Lemons

Given that Childe has seen so many reruns in Genshin Impact, perhaps this ask isn’t even necessary for those who have already C6ed their Childe but for all the new players out here, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at how much stronger your ex-Harbinger can get! Are Childe constellations worth getting? Let’s find out.

Childe’s Most Valuable Constellation in Genshin Impact

C1 Childe fixes all of the cooldown issues that he has with his Elemental Skill, an extraordinary playstyle being able to switch from his bow to a melee style, but it comes at a cost. It takes upwards of 45 seconds in order for it to be ready again for its next use. Of course, this is only if you allow Childe to actually use the melee until it forces you to go back to the bow. If you switch back sooner, the time can vary from anywhere from six seconds to 36 seconds. Still, it’s quite the long wait for most DPS players. 

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This is where C1 comes in. Unlocking this constellation shortens Childe’s cooldown by 20 percent, making it a much shorter wait for Childe to regain his ability if you’ve built even just a few numbers into his Energy Recharge and are smart about not using his melee until it forces you back to his bow.

Burst Regeneration

At C2, Childe gets back Elemental Energy for enemies who get afflicted with Riptide status. Managing to get a hit on them will regenerate 4 Elemental Energy which will allow you to get back some of your burst energy. Timing this well along with using Childe’s Bow Burst will not only result in energy coming back in from the Burst in Childe’s Bow Form but thanks to the second constellation will help you regain more energy for all of those who get Riptide applied to them.

Abyssal Mayhem: Hydrospout

Praise the Archons, this boy is difficult. To break it down as succinctly as one can, Childe’s C4 does additional damage just by having enemies afflicted with the Riptide Status. Now, this can come in two forms where if they are affected by the Riptide Status while Child is wielding his bow, upon getting hit with a charged effect, enemies will continue to take additional damage due to his Riptide Flash bonus.

But if you are using Childe in his melee stance with his Elemental Skil activated, then those enemies that are affected by the Riptide status will continue to take damage whether they are hit by Childe or not every four seconds from damage that is similar to the damage taken when Childe does land hits on enemies that are already affected by the Riptide status. This secondary type of Riptide damage is referred to as Riptide Slash because the Hydro attack literally slashes the opponent.

Maximizing Your Talent Branches

Childe’s C3 and C5 are dedicated to extending his talent levels by three with his Skill unlocking at C3 and his Burst unlocking at C5. If you don’t have him crowned, this will extend whatever Talent Level you currently have him at by three. And if he is crowned, this will max out his Talent to Level 15, a hefty boost for his damage overall.

The Final Nail in the Energy Recharge Coffin

Childe’s last constellation completely resets his Elemental Skill once his Burst is finished, however, this can only be done if he is in his Melee Stance while doing the Burst and it will only refresh once he returns to his Ranged Stance. 

Usually, the last few constellations are the ones to look forward to, but aside from just maximizing the amount of time you can spend in Childe’s Melee form, the later constellations can be left for those who just want to go all the way to C6. At his first few constellations, Childe becomes much more useable and friendly to play for all player types because his energy recharge is no longer that much of a concern. 

While increasing his damage output is always nice by unlocking the Constellations that increase the Talent Branches, Childe’s best Constellations have to be his C1 and his C4.

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