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Are Yae Miko Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

Let there be a moment of silence for the wallets out in the crowd.

by Jordan Lemons

Each time a character comes around in Genshin Impact, it’s hard to resist the impulse to throw a wish or two at the banner. Whether you are wanting to build pity for the next banner or try to get a four-star character in the present banner, you find you don’t mind getting the five-star featured on that present banner. Or perhaps you main this character and want to make them more powerful, are constellations worth it for Yae Miko and when do they become more useful?

True for all five-star characters, often their best effects come at their later constellations. Zhongli becomes a healer once at C6, Kazuha is actually viable as an Anemo DPS instead of Elemental Mastery King at C6, and Yae Miko unleashes all her Kitsune fury, erasing everyone’s eternity if they dare cross her. But what about her earlier constellations?

Elemental Energy Retrieved

Every five-star’s C1 and C2 are going to be different and provide unique effects depending on what Genshin built them up for, so that makes trying for some of those easier constellations a 50/50 on whether you should go for them. But if you want to get those powerful buffs later down the line, you have to start somewhere. Yae Miko’s early constellations are nothing to sneeze at for sure, but they are just simple buffs. At C1, the Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin will restore 8 Elemental Energy to herself once the Tenko Thunderbolt comes crashing down on the field. So if you plan carefully around timing Yae’s Burst and have three Sesshou Sakura on the field, once the three bolts come down after the initial attack, Yae will restore a max of 24 Elemental Energy for herself to better restore her Burst so that she can readily use it once again.

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In Yae Miko’s C2, her Sesshou Sakura gets an upgrade. Upon use, she’ll automatically deploy them at Level 2 with their max now increased to 4 for additional damage once all are on the field. Their attack range is also increased by 60 percent so they are able to catch enemies that are further away, such as those that often used ranged attacks more so than run up to the player. This helps Yae Miko increase her damage range because quick reminder, she is a bit of a glass cannon and while she does great damage, those hits that sneak up from afar might accidentally just take her out if she’s not properly shielded or healed up.

Mono Team Dreams

Skipping right over C3 for a later explanation, Yae Miko’s C4 can be quite useful for Mono Electro Team Compositions. Because of their close relationship and great synergy, Yae and Raiden can make for a truly awesome Electro team. Added with Sara for extra damage boost and Yae’s C4 really comes in handy if your supports don’t blast away your opponents before your DPS gets to them. Yae’s C4, Sakura Channeling, increases all Electro Damage for herself and party members by 20 percent for five seconds once Sesshou Sakura lightning hits opponents. To best utilize Raiden, she’s usually used last after everyone uses their Bursts so that her damage is increased while she attacks, and she’ll replenish everyone’s bursts while she attacks. So having Yae and Sara go first to trigger more damage for Raiden is sure to lead to a devastating outcome for any that come in their path.

Increasing Your Talent Potential

Returning to C3 and visiting C5, every character in Genshin has a Constellation slot dedicated to powering up their talent levels. One for their skill and one for their burst, increasing the level cap by three. The best part about these Constellations for any character in Genshin is that it’ll increase the talent level branch to 15 instead of 12. This means better damage for that overall branch, so at C3, Yae’s Skill Sesshou Sakura will increase its tree to 15 or by three of whatever level you have her on when you unlock that constellation. At C5, it’ll increase Tenko Kenshin to level 15 or by three levels depending on what level she is at currently when you unlock that constellation. If you happen to have Yae crowned, the constellation will only cap at level 15.

Bypassing Half the Work

At C6 comes Yae Miko’s most powerful constellation, as it should be, ignoring all of the opponent’s defense by 60 percent once they are attacked by the Sesshou Sakura. Not only will this deal even more damage, but it may just even take out your enemies before you even get to her Burst. This is perhaps the only reason why you may opt to have Yae Miko run on more Elemental Mastery for most of her damage such as equipping her with the Widsith or running Elemental Mastery for her Goblet instead of Attack.

While Yae’s earlier constellations are pretty fair in restoring her energy as well as adding additional damage to her Burst, her later constellations seem rather a niche in use. Increasing Electro Damage for all of her teammates benefits her as well, but caters to a specific team composition and her final constellation isn’t as awe-inspiring as Zhongli’s or Kazuha’s given that it just increases her damage rather than adding any unique element to her build play style.

Do you find Yae’s Constellations to be worth it? Where would you stop if you had the chance to pull for all of them?

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