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Where to Find Big Apple Baller Stadium in Spider-Man 2

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In order to obtain the “Home Run!” trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you have to “Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium.” Here is how to find the Big Apple Ballers Stadium and obtain this rare miscellaneous trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Ballers Field Location in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Big Apple Ballers Stadium is located in Downtown Brooklyn. It is found in the bottom/southernmost part of the district, as seen in the image above. Technically, Big Apple Ballers Stadium is actually called Ballers Field.

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In order to get to the Ballers Field, just head South in the until you reach the point pictured above, which is very near to the water.

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How to Earn the “Home Run!” Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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In order to obtain the “Home Run!” trophy, you must “Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium.” This simply means that Spider-Man must run from first base, to second base, then third base, and come back to the starting point at home plate, which will cause the trophy will pop. If you are unfamiliar with baseball, simply run in a counterclockwise direction along the baselines.

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By running around the bases at the Big Apple Baller Stadium (or Ballers Field), you can acquire the “Home Run!” trophy. It is a bronze trophy and as of this writing has been earned by a mere 2.6% of the game’s players, making it a rarer, miscellaneous trophy.

To recap, Big Apple Baller Stadium is found south part of Downtown Brooklyn, where the “Home Run!” trophy can be obtained by starting at home plate and rounding the bases.

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