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How to Get the Batting Cage Awards in Persona 5 Royal

Hey Batta, Batta, Batta, Batta, Swing Batta!

by Grant Testa

One of the fun pastimes of Persona 5 Royal is the batting cage mini game. For baseball lovers, the batting cages serve as a great way to kill some time, improve social stats, and earn achievements and awards in the process. This guide will demonstrate how to get the batting cage awards in P5R, including tips on how to hit five consecutive pitches, as well as a home run.

Where to Find the Batting Cages in Persona 5 Royal

The batting cages are found in Yongen-Jaya around the corner from Cafe Leblanc.

Batting Cage Options in Persona 5 Royal

There are six batting cage difficulties in Persona 5 Royal, including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Insane, and The Fader. However, early on, you will only have the Beginner option until you earn the batting cage awards.

Batting Cage Awards

There are two batting cage awards in Persona 5 Royal, the “Slugger Prize” and the “Home Run” Prize. You can also receive the “Batter Up” achievement just for scoring a single hit at the batting cages.

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The Slugger Prize

The Slugger Prize or No Miss Prize is earned by managing to have five consecutive hits, without whiffing on any of the pitches. It doesn’t matter how far the hits go or in which direction, as long as you connect with five consecutive pitches.

Home Run Prize

The Homerun Prize is earned by hitting the target, high up in the middle of the batting cage fence.

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Batting Cage Tips

There are two major keys to getting the batting cage awards in Persona 5 Royal. First, your bat should be positioned slightly under the ball, as seen in the image above, in order to provide the necessary lift for a home run. Secondly, you should swing the bat right as the actual baseball meets the baseball icon (which appears prior to the pitch letting you know where the ball is coming). Swinging too early will cause the ball to go left, while too late will cause the trajectory to shift to the right, and perfect timing will allow the baseball to be hit toward the center of the batting cages, with a chance at a home run.

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