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Where to Find Bardolph Beaumont in Hogwarts Legacy

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Wizards and Witches who have been exploring Upper Hogsfield will eventually run into Claire Beaumont who is looking for her brother, Bardolph Beaumont. She will give you the “Brother’s Keeper” quest that tasks you with finding her brother in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unlike so many other quests in the game, there is no exact location given when the quest is accepted. All you’re told is that Bardolph was last seen practicing dark magic on the edge of the woods, and he could be identified by his sweater. This Hogwarts Legacy guide will show you exactly where you can locate her brother and complete the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy – Bardolph Beaumont Location

We know that Bardolph is on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, and you’ll need to head north to find the missing brother of Claire. If you move northwest from the Upper Hogsfield, you’ll eventually reach North Ford Bog. You want to reach the area between the North Ford Bog Floo Flame and the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame.

Once you’re at the North Ford Blog Floo Flame, you should look for the Jobberknoll Den located in the middle of some castle ruins. The Brother’s Keeper quest should update to place a purple indicator around the area until you find Bardolph Beaumont, who is in the ruins.

This area will be teeming with Inferius, so be prepared with your fire spells. After a few moments of fighting, you’ll see an Inferius with a jumper on. This Inferius is Bardolph, and the nameplate will display the name. You must take down Claire’s brother in Hogwarts Legacy and pick up his clothing for proof. Then you can turn in the quest.

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