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Where to Find Apoplexy Relic in Vampire Survivors and Unlock the Charm Power Up

Charmed, but it's filmed in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

Apoplexy Relic in Vampire Survivors is one of the two new Relics that came with the Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3 and will certainly be loved by many Vampire Survivors players. Prima Games will tell you exactly how to find the Apoplexy Relic and unlock it, and of course, we’ll tell you what it does. Some players will be amazed by its power, and others will probably say “not again”.

How to Unlock Apoplexy Relic at the Bat Country Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors

Apoplexy Relic can be found at the Bat Country. However, you are probably reading this article because you don’t see the Apoplexy Relic on the map, nor the green arrow that points toward it.
The trick is, you need some patience. The Apoplexy Relic appears on the map when the clock strikes 9:00, and not before.
At 9:00, you will see the Green Arrow, and all you gotta do is follow it until you pick the Relic up. There are no fights for the Relic, no traps, and no other shenanigans, you just pick it up.
If you do not have the Bat Country Challenge Stage unlocked yet, here is the guide for that task:

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When you obtain the Apoplexy Relic you will see that it allows you to buy the Charm PowerUp.

Screenshot by Prima Games

What Does Charm Power Up do in Vampire Survivors?

Charm PowerUp is a new Power Up that you can purchase before you start a run (it stays permanently, but you can selectively disable it when you do not want it).

Screenshot by Prima Games

Charm: Increases enemies’ spawn quantity by 20 per rank (max +100). This means that it has 5 purchasable levels.
So, if you didn’t have enough fun with Skull O’ Maniac, Torrona’s Box, Gold Ring, or Metaglio Right, this might sate your appetites for more intense combat during your runs.

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