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How to Unlock Bat Country Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors

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by Nikola L

Bat Country is a new Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors that’s coming with the 1.3 Patch, and it’s definitely an interesting experience, and you can unlock not one, but two Relics that you will certainly find useful in your future runs!
Prima Games will let you know how to unlock the Bat Country Challenge Stage and everything else you want to know about it.

How to Play the Bat Country Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors

As you can see, there are now 162 unlockables (achievements), so once again, nobody is at 100% of achievements unlocked!
The unlock condition for Bat Country is: Reach Level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest (with any character of your choice). If you have not unlocked the Inverse game mode, we have you covered for the matter.

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After you reach Level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest you can leave your run, no need to stay until the end.

Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Find the A B C Buttons on Bat Country in Vampire Survivors?

Here’s how the Bat Country looks like in the Stage Selection menu:

Screenshot by Prima Games

You might have heard talks about the A, B, and C buttons on the Bat Country Challenge Stage, but were unable to find them.
However, by using a famous landmark that exists on all the stages, we will find these buttons in no time. All you have to do is find the Merchant, and the buttons should be just a few seconds up (north) from him. See the screenshot below, which shows the position on the map you need to be at, in relation to the location of the Merchant.
If you do not have the Merchant unlocked, here’s how to do it:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

What do the A B C Buttons on Bat Country Stage do in Vampire Survivors?

The functions of these buttons are not going to impact your gameplay. They will just have a visual effect on the stage looks:

  • A toggles the visibility of the entire stage. When you turn the stage off, you’ll basically just have a pastel-colored plane to walk on.
  • B toggles the background chessboard graphics.
  • C toggles the sphere graphic in the background that reminds us of the old-school Sonic levels where you are running around a sphere.

How to Find Relics on the Bat Country Stage in Vampire Survivors?

There are two relics to find on this map, which we have written about in two separate articles:

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We hope you have found Prima Games guides helpful as always, and we wish you good luck in unlocking the remainder of stuff from Vampire Survivors. See you soon!

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