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How to Find the Chaos Malachite Relic and Evolve Bone Mortaccio in Vampire Survivors

This is something VERY new to the game, check it out!

Chaos Malachite is definitely a tribute to Sonic’s Chaos Emerald, there’s no doubt in my mind. Poncle is truly amazing when it comes to paying homages to a lot of pop culture stuff, and Chaos Malachite is just a continuation of that tradition.
Chaos Malachite allows you to Evolve Bone Mortaccio, which would be the first character evolution in Vampire Survivors.
Prima Games is here to deliver full instructions on how to find the Chaos Malachite and evolve Bone Mortaccio in Vampire Survivors, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

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How to Unlock the Chaos Malachite in Vampire Survivors and Morph Bone Mortaccio in Vampire Survivors

Chaos Malachite is a Relic that can be found at the Bat Country Challenge Stage. Naturally, you are most likely reading this article because you do not see Chaos Malachite on the map, nor the green arrow pointer.
The trick is to be slightly patient, as the Chaos Malachite is not immediately available on the stage.
Chaos Malachite appears on the Bat Country Challenge Stage when the clock strikes 18:00.
At 18:00, you will start seeing the Green Arrow. Now, all that’s left to do is to follow the arrow and pick up the Chaos Malachite. See the screenshot below to learn what the Chaos Malachite icon looks like. If you haven’t unlocked the Bat Country stage, here’s a guide we wrote…

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Screenshot by Prima Games

When you pick up the Chaos Malachite, you will see something really, really interesting.

Screenshot by Prima Games

What is Anima of Mortaccio in Vampire Survivors? How to Morph Bone Mortaccio in Vampire Survivors?

If you haven’t unlocked Bone Mortaccio so far, here’s a guide for you.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Anima of Mortaccio is a new weapon (or Morph, officially speaking) for Bone Mortaccio. When you have Chaos Malachite active, the Bone will automatically morph into Anima of Mortaccio, with a new icon, but seemingly the same effect as the basic Bone.
So far, I have not discovered if there is a way to evolve it outside of this procedure, and there are no entries in Grim Grimoire regarding it, so the best guess is to assume that poncle has made a new level to evolve a weapon and put it under the new Morph mechanic. Who knows what Morph are we getting next?

Update: It’s not possible to evolve it outside of this procedure.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Here is how Morphed (Evolved) Bone Mortaccio looks in action. Spoilers ahead!

Screenshot by Prima Games

Bones fly out of your character, and Mortaccio occasionally gains spinning arms which also do damage. The damage the arms do is equal to Bones’ damage times Duration. You will see the arms detach and re-attach during your run.

In case you need help with the remainder of Patch v1.3 Unlocks, please check out our Patch Notes Article, where you will find all of the guides linked:

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We hope you’ll enjoy this new crazy game mechanic. See you soon at Prima Games!

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