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Duriel Diablo 4
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Out of the five new bosses added to Diablo 4 after Lilith, it’s Duriel that you need to hunt down for a better chance at Uber Unique items. Before you can start the fight, you need to know where the boss is located, and I can get you there.

Where to Find Duriel in Diablo 4

You can find Duriel in the Gaping Crevasse lair found in the southernmost section of the Southern Expanse in Khejistan. The lair itself is marked with a horned skull and an orange circle if you haven’t been to the dungeon yet. Each end game boss in Diablo 4 has one of these lairs and Duriel’s is easily found southeast of Gea Kul.

Gaping Crevasse Duriel Location Diablo 4
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When you enter the Gaping Crevasse, you need to head down the Path of the Maggot and clear out any level 100 enemies until you reach The World’s Bubo. This is where you’ll find a Pestilent Altar and an arena to fight Duriel. Before the fight can begin, you’ll need to have the right offerings for the altar.

How to Summon Duriel in Diablo 4

To summon Duriel, you need to place two Mucus-Slick Eggs and two Shards of Agony in the Pestilent Altar. Placing the summoning items will complete the Ritual of Agony and within moments, the boss will appear for a level 100 fight. You won’t get your items back so make sure you’re ready for the content.

If you still need Mucus-Slick Eggs or Shards of Agony, then you have some other bosses to kill shards are earned by killing Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, and Mucus-Slicked Eggs are earned by defeating Varshan. Earning summoning parts for Varshan is painless from the Tree of Whispers. However, getting the Living Steel to fight Grigoire will take longer.

For those of you looking to fight Grigoire, check out our guide on how to get Living Steel in Diablo 4.

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