How to Find Living Steel in Diablo 4

It's worth grinding out all five!

One of the best aspects of Diablo 4’s Season 2 is the bevy of new bosses you can farm for Uniques. But to do that, you’ll need some unique materials to summon them, like Living Steel. Here’s how to find Living Steel in Diablo 4.

How to Find Living Steel in Diablo 4

To find Living Steel, you’ll need to be on World Tier 3 or 4. To access World Tier 3, you’ll need to complete the campaign and then conquer the capstone dungeon in the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad.

Once you’re in World Tier 3, you’ll need to wait until a Helltide is active. Living Steel can only be found in Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests, which can be found in Helltides. Similar to Tortured Gift of Mysteries, Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests will only appear when you’re close to them.

If you’re feeling like a challenge, or just happen to be target farming Uniques for your build, Diablo 4’s Uber bosses are your answer. Grigoire the Galvanic Saint might be one of the most difficult of those Uber bosses, if only because of how difficult it is to find and farm the material that’s required to summon him: Living Steel.

But before you can open a Living Steel chest, which requires 300 Aberrant Cinders, you’ll need to defeat to defeat the Enemy He-Grins-Wide-and Waits. You’ll see this colossal guardian in front of the chest of Living Steel in an impenetrable barrier. To trigger the fight, open the Living Steel chest.

This colossal boss seems to always have the modifiers Lightning Enchanted, Electrified Obelisks, and Shock Lance. He’s quite tanky, and the Electrified Obelisks can be a pain, especially as he begins summoning mobs. But once you defeat him, you’ll be able to claim one Living Steel.

However, you’ll need two Living Steel to summon Grigoire in World Tier 3, and five Living Steel to summon him in World Tier 4. Helltides occur once every 2 hours and 15 minutes, so farming five can take all day. Fortunately, every Helltide has a chest of Infernal Steel that spawns somewhere in the affected region.

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