What is the Last Fish in Tiny Fishing? – Answered

It's not Nemo

Tiny Fishing Last Fish

It’s hard to stop hoarding sea creatures once you cast your line in Tiny Fishing. This simple yet incredibly fun will get you hooked in no time, and soon, you’ll be looking for as many fish as you can possibly imagine. It will probably also get you wondering which might be the last one you can find in the depths of this seemingly bottomless ocean. Well, here’s your answer.

Which is the Final Fish in Tiny Fishing?

The last fish you can encounter in Tiny Fishing are Sea Horses. Yes, they’re still considered fish despite being able to get pregnant. These little fellas are all you’ll be seeing after reaching a certain depth level, and no new creatures will be out there for the catching, no matter how deep you cast your line.

You’ll start seeing them after reaching 30m, just a little bit past the dolphins and sea-urchins, and there’s nothing new in the waters after you get to them. Unfortunately, there is no Kraken, megalodons, or anything fancy to be found here. At this point, you’re probably fishing just for the sake of it, so whatever you’re fishing might not be that important.

Money will be the same regardless of how deep you caught said sea horses. They’ll always give you $30000 no matter where you found them, so increasing depth is less effective than increasing the maximum number of fish you can get in a single cast if you feel like hoarding some tremendous amounts of money out of spite.

There hasn’t been any update for the game since then, so it’s very unlikely that we’ll see anything new from here on out. Fish have been the same for years, as we can see from videos, and the situation is likely to remain the same. But there’s still something special about wasting hours in this tiny boat—just you and your fish friends. You’re probably having the best moment of your life. And they’re having the final moment of theirs.

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