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What is the Hardest Strike in Destiny 2? – Answered

Just say no to Wyverns

by Daphne Fama

Look, this might be a controversial opinion. But to me, a good Destiny 2 Strike is one with a fantastic environment, good dialogue from whoever’s narrating it, and plenty of easy enemies to slaughter. The easier and more plentiful, the better. These bounties aren’t going to complete themselves, after all.

And while plenty of Strikes fall within that category (you can even finish Lake of Shadows in under five minutes), some will punish you. Nightfalls elevate the difficulty of Strikes and have a recommended Power Level of 1510. But if you want a truly punishing Strike, there’s only one answer: The Grandmaster Nightfall.

These are strikes lovingly crafted for the most masochistic amongst Guardians and come with a recommended Power Level of 1630. Yeah. This isn’t for the faint of heart. But which GM Nightfall is the most difficult of difficult? The most hellish experience you can possibly subject yourself to, in your effort to scrounge up enough points to afford that Pinnacle Gear engram?

Here’s your answer.

What is the Hardest Strike in Destiny 2? – Answered

For those who’ve played through it, the answer is The Glassway, set in Europa, with The Lightblade, set on Savathûn’s Throne World, being a close second. For those unfamiliar with The Glassway, which is inaccessible if you don’t have the Beyond Light campaign. But if Beyond Light isn’t part of your collection, maybe that’s for the best.

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The Glassway is full of Fallen and Champions, but where it will utterly destroy you is its final boss encounter. The final room is swarming with power enemies, but you’ll also need to manage the health bars of the two bosses meticulously. Failing to do so will cause the room to be hit with more waves of enemies, including Wyverns, which are annoying to deal with even in normal Strikes.  

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