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What is an Illegal Molly in Valorant? – Answered

These mollies thankfully won't have you going to jail.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Brimstone Molly

If you’re looking to get better at Valorant with certain characters, understanding lineups is the key to success. For a character like Killjoy, knowing how to line up your grenades can let you deny the enemy from defusing without ever having to peek an angle. Some of those angles can’t be used in any sort of professional play though, but the term used can be a little confusing. Here’s what an illegal molly is in Valorant.

What is an Illegal Molly in Valorant?

You’ll have first heard the term when listening to professional matches, with it relating to players running characters with molotov-esque abilities. These include Killjoy, Viper, and Brimstone. In essence, an illegal molly is when one of these characters uses a lineup that abuses some sort of bug within the game terrain, thus being unintended. A good example of this would be a molly that lodges itself in between bits of terrain that are just barely open to a molly going through, allowing for something like a molly in A Long of Ascent going directly into A Link/Trees without being some sort of upward molly trajectory.

When an illegal molly is caused, generally the team who used the illegal molly is punished in some way. In the case of a game between both Furia and T1, the Killjoy player on Furia’s side used an illegal molly with the score being 1-5. Due to this, it was ordered that a round would be removed from Furia’s score. This set the score to 1-4, and the match thusly continued. It’s likely further punishments are given to repeat offenders.

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While illegal mollies in Valorant are an odd concept, understanding them is just another part of understanding professional matches of Valorant. If people were allowed to abuse bugs and glitches in pro matches, things would get boring very quickly. Better to have good sportsmanship, like how some of your teammates might be saying “NT”. Here’s our guide on what that means.

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