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What is Delta Damage in Valorant? – Answered

A weird name for a very useful stat.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Knife Kill

Similar to its distant cousin, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant is a game where mechanical skill is often the deciding factor. Whether it be your ability lineups or your crosshair placement, improving something even slightly can have a massive impact on your performance. Though you need to understand all your stats before you can improve them, and Delta Damage is one stat that has some people confused. Here’s what Delta Damage is in Valorant!

How Does Delta Damage Work in Valorant?

Where you will have seen this may vary depending on external programs you have, but most people will have seen this through the Valorant StatsCenter, an app created by AimLab to help players get better at the game. Depending on how you’ve performed, this will either be a positive or negative value.

In essence, Delta Damage refers to the difference between how much damage you’ve dealt and how much damage you’ve taken. If you have a negative value in this stat, that means you tend to take more damage than you dish out. The opposite can be said if you have a positive value, thus meaning the higher this value is, the better. The reason this stat exists is to show the impact you have on matches outside of pure kills, deaths, and assists. Since that doesn’t always show what you provided to your team, this can better represent it.

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Knowing some basic averages can help for sure, but knowing the nitty gritty can really help make sure you’re improving your performance in Valorant. If you work on one thing at a time and keep that consistent when improving in different things, this should result in far better performance as time goes on. Good luck improving!

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