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Is Valorant Down? How to Check Valorant Server Status

Check if Valorant is playable at the moment or not.

by Nikola L

Like any online service nowadays, it is almost expected that there’s going to be some sort of downtime at some point, whether it is for scheduled maintenance or a major update, or a sudden, unpredictable, and unforeseen outage that leaves users hanging and looking for information on when their favorite online game is going to be playable again.

It is no different with Valorant, one of the top FPS games at the moment. In this guide, Prima Games will show you how to obtain up-to-date information on whether Valorant is online and available to play or not. Here’s how to check Valorant’s server status.

When Will Valorant Be Up? How to Check if Valorant is Available for Play

The first source of information about whether Valorant is down is on Riot Games’ official webpage. There, you will find any official info that Riot Games has posted regarding the outage, and you can also submit any issues that you discover.

Of course, on their main Status page, you can check their other games as well. If they have multiple titles under outage status at the same time, it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

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The second source to check any issues is the Down Detector website. Down Detector is probably the world’s most popular third-party down detector website, and sometimes, you may find info here before official channels post it.

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A tertiary source would be Twitter. You don’t even need to have an account! Basically, hop on Twitter, search for “Valorant down” (two keywords are fine), hit Enter, and then move on to the LATEST tab at the top. Also, you can search for the official Valorant Twitter account, which may have some more information.

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Hopefully, this guide was helping in checking if Valorant (or any other game or service) is down, and if it is, we wish you a short waiting time before it’s back online. In the meantime, you can scout our other Valorant guides under the clickable game tag below.

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