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How to Check Valorant Match History

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant is the newest competitive multiplayer video game to take over the gaming world, as there are plenty of players who are experiencing the first-person shooter has to offer in its closed beta.

Being able to see how you performed in past matches is always a feature that multiplayer gamers love to have to see where they can improve or just to have proof of their match history so they can brag to their friends about that 30 kill match or ace they got the other day.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to the match history feature for Valorant

How to Check Valorant Match History

Players who are interested in checking their match history will need to make their way to the career section of the game’s main menu. The first thing that you will see are your performances for the last ten matches. These records will tell you which character you were playing, your kills, deaths, and assists for each game, total score, and the map you were playing. 

Valorant Match History

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You can then click on each game and see a detailed breakdown of your performance. This section will tell you how many first bloods you engaged in and how many you won. Your econ rating and the average score will also be presented to you for your viewing.

Valorant Match History

A scoreboard will also be viewable, so you can see how your performance stacked up with all of the other players in the game.

 The timeline section of your Valorant match history will provide you a detailed breakdown of each round you played that includes your kills, assists, score, and how you spent your money that round.

Valorant Match History

 One of the coolest aspects of the match history feature is that it will then tell you how you performed against each player on the enemy team. You can see how many kills and assists you got against individual players. It will also tell you how many times a player on the enemy team killed you. Players can also see the average of how many times they cast their abilities each round.

Valorant Match History

There is no doubt that the match history feature for Valorant provides players with an in-depth breakdown of their performances. Utilizing this Valorant history feature will allow them to see when they performed well and poorly and learn from these instances for future games to become the best player they can be. 

What is the proudest moment from your Valorant match history? What is your least favorite moment from the matches you have played so far? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter


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