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What Does NT Mean in Valorant? – Answered

That was a really nice try.

by Shawn Robinson
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The Valorant chat often goes one of two ways. Sometimes, it’s used for friendly conversation or the odd jab at one another for some good friendly banter. Other times, it’s for racism, sexism, or other sorts of garbage that plagues just about every online game on the planet. In the case of the former, teammates supporting one another often say things like “Good stuff” or “NJ” standing for “nice job”. One abbreviation has brought up some confusion though. Here’s what the abbreviation “NT” means in Valorant.

What Do People Mean by NT in Valorant?

You’ll likely have first seen this used in the team chat after you or a teammate almost clutched a round. You might’ve had to take back a site from attackers in a 1v3 scenario, for example, taking down two but losing to the third enemy. At this point, people might say “NT” in the chat. It’s surprisingly simple though, meaning “Nice Try” as a way to support a teammate for still performing well despite tough circumstances.

Like most things, NT is used over saying nice try due to both the speed of typing it and the convenience. Why type out eight letters (if you count a space as a letter) when you only have to type out two and hit send? It’s the same sort of idea as typing “gg” at the end of a match. Why type out “good game” when you can save yourself a few seconds, especially when the window in which you can say it is small?

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Gamers have some strange sayings that aren’t clear for new folks getting into games. “gg”, “pog”, and “ff” are just a good few examples of that, as is “NT”. Now just don’t go acting toxic, it’s not worth being rude to people you aren’t going to know in 30 minutes anyways. Acting positive can have other benefits too, as is clear in our guide on how to get a Riot gun buddy.

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