What Happens if You Catch or Kill the Black Marketeer in Palworld? – Answered

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Palworld screenshot of a black marketeer in a cave

There are many bad people on Palpagos Island, but none is so bad as the Black Marketeer. Here’s what happens if you catch or kill the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

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What Happens if You Catch the Black Marketeer in Palworld

There’s no debating it. The Black Marketeer isn’t a very nice man. He takes the Pals you sell and likely eats them. And the lucky ones? I guess they get sold to you. But what happens if you put a permanent end to his Pal trafficking?

If you catch the Black Marketeer, you can add him to your base. He only has a +1 in Handiwork, which means he’ll likely help you craft items, usually on the production line. But what’s even better is you can continue buying from him. Just talk to him, and he’ll let you see his wares and even sell your Pals to him. His selection of black market Pals will refresh every time you spawn him in your base, meaning you can get a new selection of Pals to peruse whenever you want.

Upon capture, the Black Marketeer will drop two Golden Keys and, at least for me, around 29,000 Gold. I captured the Black Marketeer near the Beach of Everlasting Summer on Mount Obsidian.

What Happens if You Kill the Black Marketeer in Palworld

If you kill the Black Marketeer, he’ll drop two Golden Keys and around 10,000 Gold. Entrapping and killing the Black Marketeer is a somewhat effective means of farming Gold in Palworld if you’re strapped for cash and have the capabilities to do so. It’s no easy task, but some players have found a relatively quick and painless way to kill the Black Marketeer by setting up a Hanging Trap over him and then lighting him on fire. It may not be the most humane action, but the Black Marketeer isn’t exactly a shining beacon of morality himself.

There are a few Black Marketeers in Palworld, and they eventually respawn in their original locations, making them decent fodder for shenanigans.

Do Black Marketeers Respawn in Palworld?

As mentioned, if you kill the Black Marketeer, he’ll respawn after some time—usually an in-game day or so. He doesn’t seem to care that you killed him and will continue doing business with you without comment. All this man cares about is making Gold. His professionalism is almost admirable.

Unfortunately, captured Black Marketeers don’t respawn. If you catch a Black Marketeer in a Pal Sphere, you won’t find another one taking his place. But there are several Black Marketeers around the Palpagos Islands, so it’s not a total loss if you want to forcibly enslave one to keep close to you at all times.

While Palworld’s Black Marketeers are supposed to respawn upon death, some players experiencing server issues have reported an error where the merchant never respawns. For that reason, it may be a terrible idea to kill Black Marketeers unless you’re in dire need of Gold Keys and money. And besides, Black Marketeers won’t go down without a struggle. The Black Marketeer will pull out a Gatling gun, like a Syndicate Crusher, and he’s very high level. This means that if you pick a fight with him, you should be ready for it.

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