What Does Willpower Do in BitLife? – Answered

Where there's Will, there's Power.

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There is plenty to do and even more to achieve in BitLife. You can become a famous writer, fashion designer, or even a billionaire, whatever your heart desires. Unfortunately, these adventures can sometimes take a wrong turn. Once this happens, all hell can break loose, down-spiraling your campaign completely. Well, Willpower can help you with this. Here’s what Willpower is in BitLife and what it does.  

What Is Willpower in BitLife

Willpower is an essential attribute of your character so you’ll need to level it up if you want to make sure you are getting the best outcomes for your character. You can play without it, but it definitely makes your life easier having it.

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Day-to-day scenarios in BitLife can become pretty awry, and Willpower is there to mend the consequences. The higher the number, the more persistent your character will be t in avoiding negative actions such as heavy drinking or cheating. Luckily, these unhealthy desires can be avoided with a high Willpower number. 

How to Increase Willpower in BitLife

The Willpower attribute was added to BitLife as a gameplay element with the God Mode overhaul. With this said, you can access the Willpower bar through God Mode. To do so, you need to purchase the God Mode premium pack from the game store. This will allow you to customize your character to the fullest, from appearance to attributes. You can also increase your character’s Willpower bar by performing positive deeds. 

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