How to Increase Smarts in BitLife

Read on to learn how to increase your smarts in BitLife!

BitLife Increase Smarts

Having high smarts or intelligence stats has a wide variety of benefits depending on the game. While some games have intelligence stats to boost your magic-wielding abilities, others let you equip certain armor types. In BitLife’s case, your smarts stat determines your success in education and whether you’ll gain scholarships to post-secondary schools. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to increase your smarts stat in BitLife.

How to Increase Smarts in BitLife

Before you go on to using various methods to increase your smarts, try to create a character that already has high stats. While you’re not required to do this, you’ll make it easier for yourself to raise your smarts later. For example, it is much easier to bring someone with 70 percent smarts stats up to 100 than someone with 0 percent. However, it is not impossible to achieve.

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Reading books is the main way to raise your character’s smarts in BitLife. To do this, head to the Activities menu and select Mind and Body. You’ll find a book option which, upon tapping it, will prompt you to pick a book to read. It’s best to start as early as possible since children typically read short picture books. You can start reading books when your character turns six years old. While you can also do this as an adult, you’ll generally have to opt for longer novels, which take longer to complete. If you’re not having much luck with books, you can also head to the library.

Some other methods of raising your smarts include the following:

  • Clicking the “Boost” button next to your smarts bar. However, this only appears if your smarts are very low.
  • Study in school and work hard at your job for a small increase each year you perform the action.
  • Watch a movie. In particular, Documentaries provide the largest boost if your character enjoys the movie. You may not always find movies to watch.
  • Reaching a high score in the Memory Test under Mind and Body.

You’ll increase your smarts stats by attempting these methods throughout your character’s life. While it’s difficult to go from 0 to 100 in one year, you can jump by dozens of points quickly. Furthermore, since your stats fluctuate each time you age up, your smarts may also naturally increase over time.

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