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How to Qualify for Law School in BitLife

Lawyer up!

by Nikola L
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Academically oriented BitLife players have a plethora of careers and schools to choose from within the game. Since you are reading this article, you most likely want to become Phoenix Wright in BitLife, and Prima Games is here to support you all the way. Thank you for trying to be an upstanding citizen in this life simulator! Trust us when we say that it’s much, much easier than in real life. Here’s how to qualify for law school in BitLife.

How to Be a Lawyer in BitLife

First things first, max your Smarts. This is pretty much standard for all academic activities. When creating your character, you need to be as smart as possible (pun intended). So, try not to go under 80%.

Visit the library about once every year, it will pay off. Read a book every once in a while. After you graduate from high school (try to push for the “Study Harder” option), go to University. Make sure to choose relevant majors such as History, Political Science, or even English. Be a complete nerd and try really hard.

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If you want to try your luck to get a scholarship for law school you may go for that, otherwise, be prepared to ask your parents for money or to have a successful side-gig hustle to pay off the said scholarship.

When done with the University, apply for law school by “seeking further education” when this option is offered to you.

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Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a challenge that you can complete by going to law school. The pre-requisites are fairly easy:

  1. Make a female character that’s born in California.
  2. Join a sorority.
  3. Own a chihuahua and call it Bruiser.
  4. Attend law school with 100% looks.

The sorority initiation is something that you will get offered if you have enough Smarts and Looks during your academic endeavors. Looks are boosted in the gym, by doing cosmetic treatments, and surgeries, etc. You can find a chihuahua in a pet shop, animal shelter, or from a dog breeder. It might be costly, though.

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