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What are the Chances of Winning the Lottery in BitLife? – Answered

Here's how to cash in on the "Tax on Fools"

by Nikola L

Like some people in real life, some BitLife players are looking for quick cash to dig themselves a shortcut to enormous wealth. But we don’t judge. In fact, we’ll be glad to help, given that winning a lottery in BitLife is, compared to real life, inevitable if you play your cards right. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to win the Lottery in BitLife?

While the specific odds are not precisely defined, based on our experience, you can do some things to increase your odds or to straight up raise them to 100%:

  1. Get the Lucky Dice Heirloom. Given that there are about a hundred different heirlooms, it might take you a while to actually get it, but when you do, definitely play the lottery immediately as it’s been reported that you’re almost guaranteed to win it. So, be on the lookout for that notification around your birthday that will notify you that you have inherited one of them.
  2. Mass-buy lottery tickets. This is pretty straightforward; if you buy enough of them, you’re bound to win the jackpot. Just don’t leave a hole on your touchscreen in the place where the “Buy 10 Tickets” button is after pressing it too many times, hehe…
  3. Turn on your notifications to get valuable tips. BitLife might be annoying with notification bombardment to some players, but it has been proven that the app will tip you off when you are supposed to play the lottery (or anything similar). And if you seize the moment, you are in good odds to hit a jackpot. An example of such a notification is “a fortune cookie told me to play the lottery” or something along those lines which instructs you to try your luck.

In case you do not get lucky, you should try out some of the decently paid jobs in BitLife:

We wish you all the luck! Feel free to scout out our other BitLife articles for more guide content here at Prima Games.

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