What Does the Speed Stat (SPD) Do in Digimon Survive? – Answered

Gotta go figure out what fast means

Digimon Survive is mostly a visual novel with lots of branching dialogue choices and character affinity challenges. But it’s also a tactical strategy RPG sometimes. And it has a surprising volume of information crammed into it, and isn’t exactly elegant about explaining it all. Hence why some players are confused about what the SPD stat does.

SPD is “Speed,” of course, and I’m not surprised at all that it has caused some confusion. It seems like speed is one of those stats that can mean all kinds of different things depending on the game, so if it’s hard to tell in the game (or a game just doesn’t tell you), you may be wondering what it does. And if you should bother investing any time in building it.

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In Digimon Survive, SPD appears to serve two functions. The more obvious one to grok while simply playing the game is turn order. The fastest Digimon get to go first, while the slower ones have to wait. That’s one of the main reasons evolving is so crucial to winning fights. It isn’t just because of bigger stats. You can actually exploit the way evolution works by going back and forth to manipulate the flow of combat.

The other thing SPD does is impact accuracy. Digimon Survive makes calculations with the SPD stats to determine if an attack hits or not. It takes a pretty big difference to make a major impact, and you might not see much dodging happen in your first run through the story. But if you’re a multiple run kind of player (and we recommend it here due to multiple, super distinct endings), boosting an already fast Digimon’s SPD can have stellar results.

We’ll have more on Digimon Survive as time goes on! In the meantime, check out some of the answers we have already, such as how to find Gabumon. He’s kind of a mystery for some reason.

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