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What are Scab and Dreg Enemies in Warhammer 40K: Darktide? – Answered

So many different enemy types to keep track of.

by Shawn Robinson
Warhammer 40K: Darktide Scabs and Dregs

Warhammer 40K: Darktide has a lot of different enemy types you need to keep track of. There are Maniacs such as the Mutant, Carapace Armored enemies like the Crusher, Unyielding enemies like both monstrosities, and Flak Armor such as the Scab and Dreg Gunners. Other than the repertoire of specialist enemies, you may be wondering who the default versions of these enemies are. Here’s what Scab and Dreg enemies are in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

What is the Difference Between Scab and Dreg Enemies in Darktide?

Again, there is a long list of Scab and Dreg specialists, though we’re going to safely assume by their names that you can tell the difference between both. When it comes to regular horde enemies, Scabs and Dregs are two of the three horde enemy types in Darktide. Scabs are members of the Moebian Sixth, a regiment of elite soldiers who were driven insane by the horrors of constant war. These enemies are clearly defined by their heavy armor, tending to look more like infantry than the other two enemy types.

Dregs, on the other hand, are a little harder to differentiate. They tend to wield crude weapons, and sports rags and small bits of metal over full-on armor. They aren’t quite as far as Poxwalkers through being plagued, but they’re heretical foes nonetheless. One example of a dreg enemy is the standard foe that has armor on its head and sports rags around its lower body.

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Beyond these two groups, there are the Poxwalkers, enemies that are infected by the dark forces of Nurgle. They appear to wear mostly civilian clothing but appear far less human than their silhouettes would first make you believe. The key difference between them and the Dregs is through their clothing, with one being casual civilian clothing and zombie-like sounds, and the other, Dregs, being slightly more put together. You’ll know what we mean when you see them all in-game or in the Meat Grinder.

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