What Are Persona Heart Items in Persona 3 Reload? – Answered (P3R)

From the bottom of their hearts, if they even have one.

Persona 3 Reload Heart Items Featured

Sometimes while fusing Personas, you notice how some Personas have a special Heart icon next to their skill. We’ll tell you what the Persona heart items in Persona 3 Reload are down below.

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Persona 3 Reload Heart Items Explained (P3R)

Certain Personas will carry a Heart item when they’re created via fusion. These items are obtained once you reach a certain Level with said Persona, usually by the time you’re learning their final skill. They vary for each Persona, going from the generic Soul Sea Driblet to more unique items such as Jacktite. You can check if your future Persona-to-be has an item if you see a gray heart in the preview screen.

Heart items can be used in the Mayoido Antiques shop to create exclusive, powerful equipment for your characters. Special weapons and armor with better stats and unique effects compared to others available at this point in the game can be made here. This also includes the ultimate weapons for every party member. 

Personas may drop their Heart Item as soon as they’re fused due to the Social Link Exp. Bonus. Not all Personas will carry a Heart item, and Personas obtained through Shuffle Time can’t have a Heart item at all. The level required for the Persona to drop its heart item can vary for higher-level Personas.

How to Get Heart Items Faster in Persona 3 Reload

Getting a Persona holding an item can be easy, but obtaining the item is harder. The fastest method is to fuse said Persona only when you have finished its associated Social Link to maximize its obtained experience. If you get the Lovers Major Arcana while inside Tartarus, you get further bonuses. 

Alternatively, if you know you won’t be maxing out that Link for now, you can re-fuse the Persona later to get an extra copy of the item/get it faster thanks to the extra experience bonus. It all comes down to your money.

Aside from those methods, the only other way is by leveling your Persona inside Tartarus as usual. Go for the highest floor you can and use them as your lead. If you’re not using them for battle, give them a Growth 3 Skill Card or inherit it from another Persona.

During Shuffle Time, always prioritize obtaining the Persona of the same Arcana as the one you’re leveling since this will give them lots of Exp quickly.

Getting enough Personas/Heart Items is necessary if you’re going for the best equipment. Remember to do it before the game’s final days, as you still need at least one free day to visit Mayoido to get your new items. 

How to Get to Mayoido Antique Shop

You can go to Mayoido’s Antique Shop starting on 7/18. Unfortunately, if you were looking to quickly make powerful items with heart items, you’re will have to wait a bit. The shop will be located in the Paulownia Mall once it is unlocked. This is where you can make that powerful gear with items earned from Personas leveled up. Some items like Jacktite make items such as: Jack Jumper, while Soul Sea Driblet makes many items like Gale Bow and Fire Bracers.

To level up a Persona such as Jack Frost to obtain their heart item, you must work on your social links. We have a guide on all Magician social link answers in Persona 3 here. 

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