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What Are Minecraft Pringles? – Answered

Would you eat something that has SUSPICIOUS in its name?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
What Are Minecraft Pringles - Answered

Have you ever wondered what Suspicious Stew in Minecraft tastes like? Sounds delicious, right? Well, wonder no more, since Kellogg’s (the makers of Pringles) has announced a collaboration with Microsoft (the owners of the popular blocky game) that will result in limited edition Minecraft Suspicious Stew Pringles potato chips!

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What Are Minecraft Pringles? – Answered

Suspicious Stew is a dish in Minecraft that you can craft to get different stat-boosting effects, and while eating Suspicious Stew flavored chips won’t give you night-vision or the ability to jump higher in real life, Pringles claims that this unique taste gives your tastebuds “flavor overload”. But how does it taste? We still do not know for sure.

Pringles only said that it brings a “burst of rich, hearty and savory flavor” as they challenged themselves to bring the flavor of suspicious stew and its ingredients to crisp form, creating a flavor experience so delicious that both Minecraft players and non-players will reach for more. As the Suspicious Stew in the game is made by combining two different types of mushrooms with a flower of your choice, we can only assume that these chips will have a strong mushroomy taste with a hint of… something flowery?

And while we can only guess what it will actually taste like, Kellogg’s claims that fans will have a “novel tasting experience” that will make them say, “So that’s what suspicious stew tastes like!”

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The Pringles Suspicious Stew flavor is currently available everywhere in the US, as a limited edition series that will be sold while supplies last. This promotion also includes the opportunity to earn 350 Minecoins via the KelloggMinecraftPromo.com, where it is possible to claim this bonus until July 31, 2023, by uploading your receipts. Also, on the same site as a part of this collaboration, there is also the Build for Better campaign where you can design a real-life playground that can be built if your proposal is selected.

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