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How to Download and Play Feed the Beast Skies Modpack

Take it to the sky

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Download and Play Feed the Beast Skies Modpack

Feed the Beast, or FTB, is a team of talented modders making quality new Minecraft experiences. Their games within Minecraft are often made using a large number of individual mods grouped into mod packs. Their latest mod pack, named FTB Skies, brings a unique experience of surviving on floating islands, very high in the skies, with no land in sight.

You can live out your Bioshock Infinite fantasy or have your world on a big airship-shaped floating island. Of course, as is usual with FTB mod packs, there is much more – so if you are interested in trying this one and finding out yourself what these creative modders put into this experience, check out the guide below.

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How to Download and Play Feed the Beast Skies Modpack

As described, this immersive mod pack on their official page as “a perfect blend of magic and technology, quests, and custom events” that challenges players to survive and build on unique floating islands.

To download the files needed to run the FTB Skies server, visit the official site and click on “Versions.” On this page, you can download server files for Windows, MacOS, Linux, or FreeBSD. You need to have at least 4GB of RAM (ideally 6GB) and Java version 17.

For Windows, you should:

  1. Copy the downloaded .exe file to a new folder on your server.
  2. Once you have copied it, start the server installer, follow the instructions, and wait for it to complete the installation.

For Linux and MacOS, the process is somewhat different, but FTB has a detailed installation guide on its website, which you can find here.

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When the server is installed, run start.bat and then connect to it via the Multiplayer menu using “localhost” as the address. If you encounter any errors, you can always join the FTB Discord channel and get help from the author and the community.

Now you know how to start any FTB server, including the new FTB Skies mod pack. Have fun! For more Minecraft mods, tips, and guides here on Prrima Games, click on the tag below.

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