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How to Download and Use the Minecraft Lunar Client

To the moon!

by Patrick Souza

If you wanna have easy access to various modpacks for earlier versions of Minecraft, the Lunar Client might be just what you’ve been looking for. This custom Java Edition-exclusive launcher contains various community-made changes and QoL updates to the game to make sure users will have an enhanced experience with it, and it also has many custom skins for users willing to pay, even though Lunar itself is free.

If you’re looking for a free client, you might wanna look elsewhere as Lunar requires having an official Minecraft account to play. As a result, this client is constantly updated with Java Minecraft’s most recent versions to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. Now let’s see how you can use it.

How to Download and Install the Minecraft Lunar Client

For starters, head to the official Lunar Client website and click on any of the Download icons. All of them work and are completely 100% ad-free. After that, select your desired version (Windows, Mac or Linux) to download it. All files are very small so it should be almost instant.

Now open your new file and follow the install wizard to complete your installation and there you go! Lunar should create a shortcut on your Desktop automatically, but feel free to do it yourself if it didn’t.

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How to Use the Minecraft Lunar Client

Don’t launch the game immediately without choosing your version. Check the Launch Options on the right side of the big Launch button to choose which Java version you want to play. After that, you can tweak it a little bit more by going into the Settings option at the upper edge of the Launcher to adjust your preferred game resolution and how much system memory you wish to allocate to it.

After all that, it’s finally time to launch the game. You can choose the usual Singleplayer or Multiplayer options, as well as having access to even more options at the lower edge. Lunar Settings allows you to choose which mods you’ll be enabling into the game, for example. There are various changes such as showing your in-game FPS, customized Crosshairs, weather modifiers and more.

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You’ll find more extra options such as special cosmetics and skin customizers for the game, as well as the regular Minecraft menu options. You cannot install any other new mod that isn’t already included in Lunar, but texture packs are compatible with it.

When starting a new game, you’re prompted to log in with a Microsoft account that owns Minecraft. This client is safe to use and various players have been enjoying it for years, so no need to worry about it. Just enjoy your new, boosted Java Edition experience!

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