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Top 5 Scariest Minecraft Seeds for 1.19

Five most interesting scary world seeds for Minecraft

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Top 5 Scariest Minecraft Seeds for 1.19

Some would say that survival mode in Minecraft is a horror in itself. Everyone remembers their first night in the dark blocky world full of dangers, and many other situations later digging in the depths, or exploring the Nether. However, some players want more fright right away – so we have chosen five seeds for Minecraft worlds that will be scary from the start for many different reasons, so let’s check them out.

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Top 5 Scariest Minecraft Seeds for 1.19

Check out the list below for our pick of the five most interestingly scary world seeds for Minecraft.

5. Haunted Coast (Seed ID: 95858512095)

The steep high cliffs of this coast will be scary for players who are afraid of heights, and you can look for additional creepiness under the water very close to this haunted coast where there are many shipwrecks and underwater temples ready to be explored.

4. Double Nether Fortress (Seed ID: 206889990)

One of the scariest things you can do in Minecraft is to explore the Fortresses that appear in the Nether. For a double dose of creepy dungeon crawling, check out these coordinates (300,300) where you will find two Nether Fortresses combined into one.

3. Deserted Villages (Seed ID: 646887542)

Very close to the spawn point you will run into a village, then another, then another… What’s scary about that? Well, the fact that all these villages are completely abandoned. There are no villagers anywhere, what happened to them? Why aren’t they here? The emptiness of these places creates a very uneasy feeling.

2. Straight to THE END (Seed ID 154840049486770795)

This one gets straight to the point – right at the spawn, a ready portal for The End dimension is waiting, you don’t even have to collect Ender Eyes. You can immediately jump into the Ender Dragon’s realm without equipment and any preparation. There is hardly anything scarier than this impossible-to-survive mission to The End.

1. Herobrine’s World (Seed ID: 478868574082066804)

Well, this Seed may not seem scary at all to the uninitiated – it seems normal and ordinary, like a classic Minecraft map from the old days. But there is a story to it, if you are new to Minecraft and don’t know the urban legend of Herobrine, just Google it for some easy reading before bed. This is precisely the world in which he supposedly appeared – or at least the map that was used to make all of the hoax videos and screenshots – certainly a very scary location if you know the background of this legendary Minecraft creepypasta.

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That was our selection of scary Minecraft seeds for unusually creepy experiences in the popular blocky survival game. Which Seed seems the scariest to you? Do you have some favorite maps that we haven’t mentioned? Share them with us.

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