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Vampire Survivors Patch 0.8.0 Patch Notes – What’s New?

Cool new encounter and a few extra content pieces are now available!

by Nikola L

Dear fellow Survivors, it feels like we’re getting very, very close to the 1.0 version and that it’s right around the corner. We estimate that it might be here by the end of the summer. In the meantime, here’s what’s new in the Vampire Survivors v0.8.0 patch that recently came out.

Patch Notes for Vampire Survivors, version v0.8.0

The Patch Notes are not that long but we’ll go through them together:

Contains 3 new achievements and:
– New version of Stage 5. Will revert to the previous version once successfully completed.
– Final roadmap relic with a new game mechanic.
– 1 new Arcana

Stage 5 has a special event when you reach Minute 30, which will allow you to find the Ender and get the Great Gospel.
Limit Break is the new mechanic described in this paragraph, and you can learn more about Limit Break in its designated article.

Arcana 0 – Game Killer is the new Arcana that we have covered here.

Other patch notes:
– 1 minor relic to view enemies data from the main menu (the list will be updated with more data and details as we get closer to v1.0)
. This is the Bestiary option from the main menu which we have covered in our related Ars Gouda article.
– Updated some graphics
– Added a visual indicator of how many skins are available per character
(the icon below the character’s avatar will indicate if there are any alternate skins and if yes, how many).
– Added option to always pick Coin Bag or Floor Chicken when leveling up after maxing out all weapons
– Added visual reminders for Banished items
– Obtained unlocks can be filtered out from the list
– Crimson Shroud’s retaliation damage now heavily damages some special enemies
– “Reach minute 31” arcanas not unlocking under certain situations
– Post-Moongolow stage crashing with certain characters

We hope that you liked the new patch as much as we did and we invite you to look through our other Vampire Survivors articles by clicking the tag below in case you need help with unlocking some of the game’s content.

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