Vampire Survivors Next Patch – ETA August 4th 2022

Could it be a stealth release of the full game?

We do not know what to think or say about these Vampire Survivors patch notes. They do not have a version published, so we might be looking at a sudden release of the full game, or maybe a version like 0.9.5 or 0.10.0 or something along those lines. We’re used to the shenanigans from the Vampire Survivors developer team and we can’t wait to see what they put in store for us with these patch notes.

Current Patch Notes for Vampire Survivors Next Patch – ETA August 4th 2022

The (current) official patch notes are below, courtesy of the Vampire Survivors Discord server:

Contains 2 new achievements and:
– 1 new Arcana
– Incredible SECRETS

Extra (not present on the roadmap):
– 2 new characters

Arcana “I – Gemini” also affects Gatti Amari and its evolution and Nduja Fritta.
Unfortunately, this also fixes the never-ending Nduja glitch in the Dairy Plant

– Birds stop shooting at very low Cooldown

The Nduja Fritta mentioned above is that flamethrower thingy that you can pick up from a destroyed light source.
Its full name is “Nduja Fritta Tanto” and its abbreviation is “NFT”, which stands as a low-key mockery of the rampant NFT scams that are happening around the Internet nowadays.

One achievement should be related to the Arcana unlock. IX, XIII, and XXI are still unused. Of course, this then implies that this version is NOT the full release of the game and that the developers are saving the last two Arcana slots for the full release.

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Two new characters that are not on the road map could be the ingredients for the Arcana unlocks since most of the unlocking is done by either reaching Level 99 with a character or by surviving until 31:00 with it.

Secrets? Who the heck knows what the developers have thought of this time? We expect that data miners will be on the task pretty fast and that the secrets will be revealed by the community soon. Of course, Prima Games will as always, attempt to be the first on the crime scene to deliver a full report.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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