Two Point Campus: Noblestead 3 Star Level Guide

The night of knights!

Noblestead Two Point Campus

Get ready to enter the world of knighthood, jousting, and rivalry! Noblestead is where the game takes a step towards Two Point Hospital by introducing medical issues. You’ll also face frequent threats from invaders who wish to make your campus much more hectic! Get ready to hire plenty of assistants and janitors.

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If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive 3-Star Level Guide for Noblestead in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus – Noblestead 3-Star Level Guide

After placing down your first Battle Ground and Lecture Theatre, the level gets into the hospital spirit by introducing the medical room. You’ll also periodically find waves of invaders entering your campus, requiring janitors with security skills to deal with them. As you progress, the waves get increasingly challenging.

Researching new items is also especially helpful here for student assignments. Without this, your students will fail their homework and suffer from happiness drops.

After learning about these new changes, you’ll find your first set of star objectives. Below are each set of tasks and how to finish them:

Two Point Campus – Noblestead 1 Star Objectives

  • Cure 5 Medical Issues
  • Attractiveness Rating 75%
  • B+ Grade Knight School Classes
  • Remove 15 Invaders

As you progress through the level, you’ll occasionally find students with a green medical icon above their heads. This image indicates they’re suffering from a health issue and must go to the medical room. Cure five students in total to progress.

If you’re finding several students low on happiness, check to see if they’re ill! Every medical problem in the game lowers student happiness significantly until they’re cured. Just make sure you hire an assistant with medical expertise, or else you won’t have anyone to treat the students!

Furthermore, you’ll encounter waves of invaders that require security janitors. These janitors appear in your applicant list with a green shield icon in their skills. While you’ll only need one or two early on, the waves will continue to increase, urging you to hire a few more janitors occasionally. Clear enough waves to remove 15 invaders to tackle this next task!

The other two tasks are mostly the same as usual. Upgrade your machines, research new features, and keep your students happy! Use interior and exterior decorations to make your environment more attractive, resulting in satisfied staff and students.

2 Star Objectives

  • Win Jousting Tournament x3
  • Build a Level 5 Battle Ground, Jousting Field and Medical Office
  • Students on Campus x80
  • Develop 10 New Romances

Much like the Piazza Lanatra cooking competitions, you now have jousting tournaments! Just like that level, you can select your Jousting Field to host the event as long as your students are high enough level. If they fail, wait for your students to level up and re-schedule.

At the same time, as you finish each year and upgrade your courses, you’ll increase your maximum number of applicants. Doing this will eventually result in over 80 students on your campus, even when some leave to graduate. Just make sure you don’t have constant drop-outs.

To help prevent drop-outs, you can make your rooms more prestigious and attractive using upgraded machines and decorations. You can simultaneously progress the second task by doing this, particularly by decorating the three rooms until they reach prestige five.

Lastly, developing ten romances is partially a waiting game. Place down plenty of love and tree benches and wait for the magic to happen! Over time, your students will head to these areas and start romantic relationships, wrapping up the 2-star objectives.

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3 Star Objectives

  • Win the Grand Joust
  • Campus Level 20
  • Average Student Happiness 75%
  • A Grade Knight School Students Graduate

These objectives are similar but slightly harder versions of tasks from previous levels. Manage your time and money wisely to hire and train your staff, improve your classrooms and keep your students happy. Investing in private tuition will also help you get some of your students out of the B and B+ slump up to A-grade. You can buy a training room to increase your teachers’ private tuition skills if needed.

Hosting events to boost happiness and entertainment will be particularly helpful here, especially if your students are experiencing sharp declines in their mood. As well, once summer break hits, give your staff and students plenty of time to recuperate before starting a new year. Over time, you’ll accomplish three of the four tasks without too much trouble.

The hardest part of this section is winning The Grand Joust. You’ll face off against a tough opponent who, even after a couple of years of managing the campus, may give you a hard time. Make sure your students head into it happy, healthy, and reasonably high level to maximize your chances of success. You’ll also want to schedule the event later in the year to give everyone plenty of time to gain more experience.

Congratulations, you now have some information to bring you closer to 3 stars for Noblestead in Two Point Campus!

Two Point Campus is available to play starting August 9 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms through the official website. Be sure to check out our Freshleigh Meadows, Piazza Lanatra and Mitton University Three-Star Guides if you haven’t finished those levels!

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