Two Point Campus: Piazza Lanatra 3 Star Level Guide

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Two Point Campus Piazza Lanatra Star Guide

After learning about the wonderful land of science and virtual reality, you’ll move on to the culinary world! At Piazza Lanatra, you’ll learn about private tuition, student unions and clubs. All three new additions will become a critical part of your strategy from here onwards.

If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive 3-Star Level Guide for Piazza Lanatra in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus – Piazza Lanatra 3-Star Level Guide

After learning about private tuition, clubs, and student union, you’ll encounter your first set of star objectives. Below are each set of tasks and how to finish them:

Two Point Campus – Piazza Lanatra 1-Star Objectives

  • Students Complete Private Tuition x10
  • Average Student Entertainment 70%
  • B Grade Gastronomy Classes x5
  • Win Campus Cook-Off

The first two tasks teach you about Private Tuition and the Student Union. Private Tuition classes provide opportunities for your students to gain one-on-one lessons from a teacher, boosting their grades and potentially saving them from failing.

Student Unions, on the other hand, provide entertainment and social interactions if you place objects like couches, arcade tables, and table football. Use both of these new rooms to accomplish the two tasks.

As you improve your student’s grades and entertainment stats, the grades in your Gastronomy classes will naturally increase. At the same time, they’ll level up quicker, allowing you to participate in the Campus Cook-Off event. Select a Savoury Kitchen room and click the Setup Event button to participate.

The Campus Cook-Off recommends having an average student level of at least 4. If you go to the Student list and see multiple people at level 4 or higher, you should succeed with little trouble.

2-Star Objectives

  • Level 5 Club
  • Average Hygiene 70%
  • Campus Level 12
  • Win County Cook-Off

By this point, your Savoury Kitchen class should stabilize, leading to the introduction of Sweet Kitchen. You’ll likely need a second or even third plot of land to fit each new room. Thankfully, doing this also increases your campus level, allowing you to progress towards level 12 naturally. Your primary focus will be on clubs, improving your hygiene, and winning the County Cook-Off.

Clubs provide unique bonuses to your students that scale with level. Your club level is also known as Club Prestige, which you can view by selecting the Speed Walking or Power-Nap Club displays. As more students join each club and level up, your Club level will naturally increase. However, placing club-specific items such as the Speed Walking Sign and Waning Moon will also help.

You’ll increase hygiene in your school by placing hand sanitizers, having plenty of accessible showers, and maintaining a clean environment. This also means having sinks in your bathrooms and student union room so students can wash as often as necessary. While some students may have the “Filthy” trait once in a while if they’re in class, summer break gives you plenty of time to recuperate if needed.

The County Cook-Off is nearly identical to the Campus Cook-Off. The only difference is that the recommended student level is slightly higher, making it a bit more challenging. Follow the same advice for the Campus Cook-Off, except look for an average student level of 8 instead.

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3-Star Objectives

  • Students on Campus x100
  • Satisfy 20 Chef Personal Goals
  • Average B+ Grade in Gastronomy
  • Win Celebrity Cook-Off

As students come and go each year, the total numbers will fluctuate. Having 100 students on campus stresses the importance of leveling up your courses so that your max entrants increase. Over time, you’ll naturally reach 100 total as long as your students aren’t dropping out. At the same time, they’ll accomplish personal goals the more you place various items such as park benches, flower planters, and interior decorations.

Like before, you’ll need to keep your students happy and be diligent with your private tuition in-flow to help you reach a B+ grade. In particular, sending students with C, D, or F grades will assist with getting the average back on track without too much trouble. Be sure to keep an eye out for teachers with Private Tuition skills since they’ll be far more effective than a regular teacher in increasing student grades.

Like before, the Celebrity Cook-Off is an event that should not be too troubling if your top students are around or above level 11. If you only have a few at this level, wait a few months or until the following year for your students to improve before entering. However, if you don’t win the competition, you can always enter again until you succeed! The only limit is having the space in your schedule for the event and paying the $1000 fee each time. Win the Celebrity Cook-Off to wrap up the last task of the 3-star objectives.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to completing all 3 stars for Piazza Lanatra in Two Point Campus!

Two Point Campus is available to play starting August 9 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms through the official website. Be sure to check out our Freshleigh Meadows Three-Star Guide if you haven’t quite finished it yet, or skip ahead to Mitton University!

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