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Freshleigh Meadows Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus’ introductory level, Freshleigh Meadows, is one that serves as the game’s tutorial. With only one course available, the level walks through the basics of building classrooms, hiring staff, and managing your students’ needs. Its primary objective is to ease you into the campus managing role and help your students graduate by providing various tasks for you to complete.

If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive 3-Star Level Guide for Freshleigh Meadows in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus – Freshleigh Meadows 3-Star Level Guide

You’ll eventually encounter your first set of tasks as you enter the level and complete the tutorial objectives. These are labeled as one, two, and three-star objectives that scale in difficulty. Below are each set of tasks and how to finish them:

Two Point Campus – Freshleigh Meadows 1-Star Objectives

  • Build a Virtual Normality Class and Pass with Grade C
  • Average Happiness Rating of 60%
  • Campus Level 5

Upon starting your first set of 1-Star objectives, you’ll introduce a second course offering to your school and begin building rooms for them. Your new room is the VR Lab, which you’ll need to place more of as you progress through the level.

However, your priority is to raise average student happiness to at least 60% by ensuring their needs are met. If you’re having trouble keeping them happy, wait until summer break hits to give your student ample time to explore your campus, visiting rooms such as the showers and bathrooms. By waiting until this time, you’ll have an easier time managing their needs later in the year. You’ll also significantly increase your chances of your Virtual Normality classes reaching C grades or higher if they’re happy.

Simultaneously, you’ll need to increase your campus level by placing more classrooms and decorations, building more plots, and hiring staff. Generally, hiring staff and building rooms will get you there relatively quickly. Just be sure not to buy too many staff, or your wages will exceed your monthly tuition income! You’ll find this information in your in-game monthly income statements.

2-Star Objectives

  • Campus Level 9
  • Earn $150,000
  • Average Dorm Rating 70%
  • Satisfy 10 Personal Goals

By this point, your Scientography and Virtual Normality classes should be relatively stable and require minimal maintenance. Reaching Campus level 9 and earning money will naturally happen as you progress through the level and build up your school. Your priority is to continue making students happy by improving their dorm rooms and satisfying their personal goals.

Having around 5-6 dorm rooms with two beds, one wardrobe, and some decorations will get you to this accommodation without much trouble. You may need one or two extra depending on how many students you have and how late you are in the playthrough. Alternatively, you can make a few large rooms with several beds to save on the initial $7800 cost.

You’ll occasionally find letters with bullseye targets in the corner as you play through the level. These are Student Personal Goals that typically ask you to place down an objective of their desires. This can be as simple as a $100 park bench or vending machine or as expensive as a $3,500 arcade machine. Many of these items will also require you to unlock them with Kudosh, which you’ll obtain as you complete objectives and career goals.

However, once you place an object, students will automatically visit it whenever it appears as a personal goal. While one student may request a park bench, several might follow a few minutes later. Continue placing Personal Goal items for students until you’ve satisfied at least 10 requests to wrap up the 2-Star goals.

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3-Star Objectives

  • Upgrade a Course to Level 4
  • 10 A Grade Classes
  • Average Happiness Rating 65%
  • 10 Students Graduate

Every time you level up your campus, you’ll receive course points. At the end of each year, you’ll get the chance to put these points into the course of your choice to level it up, allowing you to increase your student intake and maximum qualification level. Get either your Scientography or Virtual Normality course to level 4 to complete the first task.

Continue to do much of what you did before to increase your average student’s happiness. As you do this, they’ll perform better in their classes, resulting in more A-Grade classes. At the same time, your students will begin graduating from their program after three years of going to school.

However, if they fail at any point, they’ll drop out instead. Be sure to keep an eye on who is feeling unhappy so that you can get them back on track! Continue finishing each school year until at least 10 students have graduated to complete the level and earn your last star.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to completing all 3 stars for Freshleigh Meadows in Two Point Campus!

Two Point Campus is available to play starting August 9 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms through the official website. If you’d like to explore more Two Point Campus content, be sure to check out How to Increase Attractiveness and How to Increase Student Grades.

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