Two Point Campus: Mitton University 3 Star Level Guide

Build lots of robots!

Mitton University Two Point Campus Stars

If you’re familiar with Two Point Hospital, you may recognize Mitton University as the introduction to research and staff training. The site returns to Two Point Campus as an outdated school requiring a more modern feel. You are now responsible for re-introducing research and training to improve your staff and machines.

If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive 3-Star Level Guide for Mitton University in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus – Mitton University 3-Star Level Guide

After learning about Robotics, staff training, and machine upgrading, you’ll discover how to research. Similar to private tuition and student events, these are critical for your success in future levels. After going through the beginner steps, you’ll find your star objectives. Below are each set of tasks and how to finish them:

Two Point Campus – Mitton University 1-Star Objectives

  • Campus Level 12
  • Level 6 Robotics Students x10
  • Complete 2 Research Projects
  • Build a Robot

Much of this initial process is the same as in previous levels. As you hire more staff, satisfy your students’ needs, and host events, they’ll stay happy and gain more experience. The only difference this time is that you’ll also have to save enough money to complete research projects and upgrade your machines. Furthermore, the final task of building a robot requires one full in-game year and will naturally progress as you play.

The easiest way to do this is by pursuing relatively short research projects to fly through the task. Alternatively, you can initially invest in commercial projects that net you money instead of machine upgrades, giving you time to build up your bank balance. Leaving some machine upgrades for later will also make things easier for you later on once you finish the next set of objectives.

2-Star Objectives

  • Train a teacher to Level 5 in Robotics
  • 40 Students attend events
  • Average B+ Grade in Robotics
  • Develop 3 Sweethearts Romances

You’ll need a Training Room and either a Student Union or Lounge to host events by this point. Unlike Two Point Hospital, you do not have to pay for a guest teacher to come in and train your staff.

Instead, you’ll pay a few thousand dollars in fees each time until you reach level 5 in Robotics. To do this, head to your training room and pick a teacher before queuing them for Robotics training. Ideally, you’ll already have someone who is level 3 or 4 in Robotics so that you don’t have to host multiple training programs for the same teacher.

Similarly, you can hold numerous event types that will satisfy the student event attendance task. The easiest way to accomplish this is by hosting one event, such as the SU party, during a 3-block gap between courses. Not only does this save you some money, but students will naturally come and go during this time. Alternatively, if money is not an issue, you can host multiple parties simultaneously in different rooms, such as the Student Lounge.

Hosting events will also make students happier, increasing their overall performance and helping them advance to a B+ grade.

The last task is perhaps the easiest but potentially most time-consuming. You’ll need at least one Love Bench and Tree Bench to get your students from Level 1 to 3 Romance. From here, it’s a matter of waiting for romance to blossom.

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3-Star Objectives

  • Students on Campus x100
  • Average Staff Happiness 55%
  • Upgrade Items x10
  • A Grade Robotics Students Graduate x30

If you’ve completed the star objectives for Piazza Lanatra, you may already be familiar with the 100 Students on campus task. As you progress through the level and upgrade your course, getting more students will naturally happen. Since course upgrades increase the maximum number of entrants each year, getting as many course points as possible through campus level-ups is important.

Similarly, being diligent with machine upgrades from here onwards will help you complete two tasks. Not only will you progress through the ten upgrades objective, but improved machines will also boost student grades. If full upgrades don’t get the job done, being diligent with keeping your students happy and utilizing private tuition will get you there.

The easiest way to keep your staff happy is to increase their salaries if you have enough monthly income. In particular, targeting those who consistently have low happiness or salaries will make this much less complicated. Additionally, giving your staff plenty of breaks and easy access to necessities will help them they happy.

Congratulations, you’re a few steps closer to finishing all 3 stars for Mitton University in Two Point Campus!

Two Point Campus is available to play starting August 9 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms through the official website. Be sure to check out our Freshleigh Meadows and Piazza Lanatra Three-Star Guides if you haven’t finished those levels!

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