Tower of Fantasy: Fix Omnium Guard Quest Guide

Always blame the Ravagers!

Tower of Fantasy Fix omnium Guard Quest Guide

Fix the Omnium Guard is a side mission in Tower Fantasy that, although short, requires some running around to complete. After fighting against a group of ravagers, the shelter’s guards are out of commission. The locals need your help to fix it, so they can stay safe against future attacks.

If you’re having trouble with the quest, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide on finishing Fix Omnium Guard in Tower of Fantasy.

Fix Omnium Guard Quest Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Below are all the steps for completing the Fix the Omnium Guard quest:

  1. Speak to Alfred to begin the mission
  2. Gather ten crystals
  3. Return to Alfred
  4. Talk to Gendry
  5. Steal five supply boxes
  6. Give the supply boxes to Gendry
  7. Return to Alfred
  8. Talk to Norton
  9. Replace the Titanium Driveshaft
  10. Ask about the Omnium Guard’s malfunction
  11. Get the Power Supply
  12. Bring the power supply back to the Shelter

Head to the Astra Shelter and speak to Alfred to start the quest line. He’ll inform you that the Ravager attack caused heavy damage and that the Shelter’s Omnium Guard isn’t working correctly. You’ll have to gather some crystals to start repairing the guard.

After receiving your first task to gather crystals, head out and destroy 10 elemental crystal ores. You’ll typically find some around the Southern Ring Ranges mountains, Barrenstown, and northeast of the Shelter. Make sure that, depending on the crystal’s color, you use the right element to break the ore!

Once you’ve gathered the ten crystals, head back to Alfred before visiting the shelter’s blacksmith Gendry. Gendry will create a Titanium Driveshaft while telling you about a group of hyenas ravaging his forging supplies.

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Your destination is near a Stronghold, around 300 meters northeast of the Shelter in the Northern Ring Ranges. Follow the quest marker and defeat the nearby Abberrant before interacting with each supply box. All five supply boxes are on the ground in this area, with the fifth position beside the old metal hut. Head back to Gendry once you’ve gotten all five supply boxes.

After Gendry gives you the Titanium Driveshaft, return to Alfred. He’ll explain the importance of the driveshaft before prompting you to speak to Norton. Norton will ask you to replace the Titanium Driveshaft in the robotic guard. However, inspecting the second guard, he’ll tell you to visit a nearby Hyena stronghold to gather a power supply unit.

If you have the Mega Arena Spacerift unlock, transmit to it before making your way to the stronghold. Otherwise, be ready to run there on foot or using your vehicle. Upon arriving there and defeating any hyena that stands in your way, make your way up the metal structure and take the power supply.

Transmit back to the Shelter and put the Power Supply into the guard to conclude the quest. Congratulations, you have completed the Fix the Omnium Guard side mission in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out Whether Tower of Fantasy has a Daily EXP Cap and Where to Find All Astra Scenic Points.

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