Does Tower of Fantasy Have a Daily EXP Cap? – Answered

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Tower of Fantasy is out, and metrics trackers around the world are waiting with bated breath to see if this new free-to-play, action RPG MMO will be a success. Many are already calling it the “next Genshin Impact,” to which I say there are probably a lot of those. Anyway, one interesting feature of Tower of Fantasy is its daily caps, ostensibly meant to dissuade players from marathoning the entire game in record time. It seems confusing to some people, who ask if the game has a daily EXP cap. And the answer is yes, albeit with some nuance.

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Tower of Fantasy Level and EXP Cap Guide

A lot of the confusion seems to be around whether or not this daily cap applies to every player on a global scale, and that doesn’t appear to be true. Instead, each player as an individual has caps based on the age of their account. That means if you start Tower of Fantasy and hit the first level cap in a day, then don’t play for a week or so, your level cap will be significantly higher when you log back in.

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The fan community on Reddit has figured out the caps, all the way up to level 70. So here’s that list, and check out the link here for the original thread for the finer details. Note that if you do hit your cap, there is a small allowance for overflow EXP, but only enough for one more level. It’s probably better to just take a break and come back the next day instead of risking wasting time.

  • Day 1: Max Level 18
  • Day 2: Max Level 24
  • Day 3: Max Level 27
  • Day 4: Max Level 30
  • Day 5: Max Level 32
  • Day 6: Max Level 34
  • Day 7: Max Level 36
  • Day 8: Max Level 38
  • Day 9: Max Level 40
  • Day 11: Max Level 42
  • Day 13: Max Level 44
  • Day 15: Max Level 46
  • Day 17: Max Level 47
  • Day 19: Max Level 48
  • Day 21: Max Level 49
  • Day 23: Max Level 50
  • Day 25: Max Level 51
  • Day 27: Max Level 52
  • Day 29: Max Level 53
  • Day 31: Max Level 54
  • Day 34: Max Level 55
  • Day 37: Max Level 56
  • Day 40: Max Level 57
  • Day 43: Max Level 58
  • Day 46: Max Level 59
  • Day 49: Max Level 60
  • Day 52: Max Level 61
  • Day 56: Max Level 62
  • Day 60: Max Level 63
  • Day 64: Max Level 64
  • Day 68: Max Level 65
  • Day 72: Max Level 66
  • Day 76: Max Level 67
  • Day 80: Max Level 68
  • Day 84: Max Level 69
  • Day 88: Max Level 70

That’s it for now, and credit goes to Reddit user “King-Gabriel” for getting this data a few months ago when the Tower of Fantasy beta testing was happening. The data seems to match up with the game now that it has launched, but keep an eye on these spaces in case there are any changes. And check out our own Tower of Fantasy landing page for other guides, such as how to change servers if you need to do that for some reason.

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