Is the Tower of Fantasy Monthly Pass Supplies Worth It?

See if you should buy the Pass or not.

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Every free-to-play game needs to have a way to gain revenue in order to keep the servers up and running, pay maintenance costs, pay staff, and, of course, fund further development of the game, so that new content can be introduced on a regular basis because no one likes to play the same content over and over again, forever.

The Monthly Pass for Tower of Fantasy offers interesting perks. But is the Monthly Pass Supplies worth it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Should I Get the Tower of Fantasy Monthly Pass?

First things first: The decision on whether you should purchase the Monthly Pass for Tower of Fantasy is entirely and ultimately up to you in the end. We are here to show you what the Monthly Pass offers and to offer our insight and opinion on it. Yes, we know that there are subscription-based MMOs that cost more than this Monthly Pass, and yes, we know that costs for a “free-to-play” game can go into the four-digit range (or even further, if you’ve followed what’s happening in Diablo Immortal where people spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars), and yes, we know that there are games that you just buy and keep for $60 or less (depending on the circumstances).

Now that the disclaimer is there, we can proceed. Spend money responsibly and play in moderation.

What Do I Get in the Tower of Fantasy Monthly Pass?

After you purchase the Monthly Pass ($5 is the price currently), you get 300 Tanium once. You will get 300 Tanium again once your next Monthly Pass is paid for. Here is a guide on How to Get Tanium in Tower of Fantasy in other ways.

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In addition to these 300 Tanium, you also get a daily bonus which consists of 100 Dark Crystals and one random loot box.
Well, the issue of this daily bonus is that you must actually log in every day to claim it. If you miss the login, you won’t get it for the day, simple as. We called it an “issue” because it may turn the game into a chore for some not-so-hardcore players because it forces you to log in, even on days when you want to step away from the screen and spend some time away from video games.

It somewhat instills a form of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because of the “I paid for it, I don’t want to miss it” sentiment, but it is a business model that they have opted to maintain for this game. Many other developers do that nowadays so it became a standard practice.

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What we are implying is that if you are a committed Tower of Fantasy player that plays the game every day, $5 a month is quite okay. If you stick around and play the game for a year, that’s $60, which is a regular price for a triple A (AAA) game, and in one year you definitely should get the entertainment value out of it. It costs you a little above one dollar a week which is arguably, really not much.

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If you are a casual player, this pass will help you get valuable resources for your character’s development, just make sure to not miss the daily logins (it can become a part of your morning routine! Just kidding).

We hope that this guide was helpful and we invite you to explore other cool stuff on Prima Games, whether it’s for Tower of Fantasy, or other games you are playing.

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